Brompton battery boost: e-bike kit runs off cordless tool power packs

brompton folder

You can create a DIY e-bike and power it with the battery from a power tool – if it’s a Brompton. Nano Electric Bikes offer a conversion kit that’s compatible with every model of the ubiquitous folder that’s ever been made.

The company claims theirs is the lightest conversion available. The kit boasts a smooth, quiet hub motor and battery tucked away in a Brompton bag.

The 250w road-legal system is designed so you can install it yourself. Alternatively, you can bring your bike to their workshops in Manchester, Leamington Spa, Yeovil or Marlborough and have Nano fit it themselves.

nano Brompton e-bike

Nano Electric Bikes has over 10 years’ experience fitting and maintaining electric bike systems on Bromptons

There are numerous battery choices, but we’re most intrigued by the option that allows the use of cordless power tool power packs.

These 36v batteries are manufactured for heavy duty use in cordless drills etc. Although they are not designed as e-bike batteries, Nano Electric Bikes says they are robust and reliable.

The 4Ah batteries weigh just over 1kg and yet have a range of 8 – 20 miles depending on the terrain and rider weight and pedalling effort.

The Nano kits costs £600 if you supply your own battery and charger.

ARRC is another provider of power tool battery powered Brompton and Moulton e-bike conversions.

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