Fiat Topolino EV: A pint-sized car perfect for 20mph limits

fiat topolino ev microcar

Fiat has added a dash of flair to the microcar market with the launch of its latest EV. The Topolino is a true successor to the original Fiat 500 – pint-sized transport for short journeys at a sensible speed.

With a top speed of 27mph, what better car for travel within the UK’s expanding 20mph zones?

The changing face of personal transport

There was a time when learning to drive and buying a car was a rite of passage. However,  in the age of e-scooters, e-bike share schemes and Uber, there’ s been a drop in car ownership amongst the young.

Citroen ami electric

The Citroen Ami is super practical but its looks may be too distinctive for some

Park practicality; Is desirability the stumbling block for microcars?

In the interests of saving money – not to mention the world – we need to view cars as we do toasters; useful tools as opposed to a lifestyle choice. The Citroen Ami aims to do just that. If you were being unkind, you might say it looks like a kitchen appliance – so perhaps it’s done half the job already. By contrast, the 2023 Fiat Topolino plays on its heritage recognisable styling cues from the iconic Fiat 500.

2023 Fiat Topolino EV microcar

The Fiat Topolino recharges its battery in 4 hours from a household supply to deliver 46 miles; a range that’s more than adequate for most given 25 per cent of all UK car trips are under 1 mile, and 71 per cent are under 5 miles. image c/o

20mph limits and the rise of the microcar

The 2023 Fiat Topolino isn’t classified as a car. Sometimes referred to as a micro car, a quadricycle is a four-wheeled vehicle with an unladen mass of not more than 400 kg (excluding batteries if it is an electric vehicle) and whose maximum continuous rated power does not exceed 15 kW.

There’s a perception that large, heavy cars such as 4X4s or SUVs are safe, but they pose an increased risk to pedestrians in the event of a collision. Quadricycles on the other hand are designed to operate in urban areas at low speeds.

The fact they’re lighter than conventional cars makes them less of a risk to pedestrians and less damaging to the road surface. In fact, in areas where people live and work, there’s a strong argument that any vehicle heavier and faster than a quadricycle poses an unacceptable risk.

And with the increasing adoption of 20mph limits, perhaps the microcar is about to enter its golden age. After all, these are vehicles designed to operate at lower speeds. Microcars could be just the thing for drivers who struggle to maintain 20mph in their existing cars.

The ethical choice

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