Fliptail: Make your Brompton amphibious

If you ride a folding bike you already know how practical it is, but how about adding to its repertoire by making it amphibious? Teaming it up with with a Fliptail self-build folding dingy will do just that.

Fliptail boat

The Fliptail consists of a central keel with two drop down floors, four hinged hoops and a PVC cloth skin – the same material that is used on curtain side lorries.

Tough, light and resilient, the vessel costs from less than £200 to build and is available in three sizes from 6 to 9 feet long. Weighing in at only 15 kg, the folded Fliptail is both compact and light enough to tow easily with a bicycle. The advantage of using a Brompton is that it can be folded, carried on board and used at journey’s end.

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Fliptail folding boat



  1. steve Southwick


    What a brilliant idea,

  2. Craig


    Now if you could only devise a way to integrate the bike inside to drive some kind on propulsion (like the old pedal boats) it would be amazing 🙂

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