Are tandem mobility scooters legal?

tandem mobility scooters

Tandem mobility scooters are no different from a conventional driver-only model, other than their stretched chassis and additional seat. However, they are not currently legal to use on British roads or pavements.

According to the Department for Transport:

Tandem mobility scooters cannot legally be used on pavements or roads in Britain. In law, a mobility scooter and a powered wheelchair are both considered to be an ‘invalid carriage’, defined under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970. The specific definition is: Section 20 (2) “invalid carriage” means a vehicle, whether mechanically propelled or not, constructed or adapted for use for the carriage of one person, being a person suffering from some physical defect or disability.

The Department does not have any plans to amend the legislation to make Tandem mobility scooters lawful.

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There are two categories of mobility scooter. Class 2 mobility scooters can’t be used on the road (except where there isn’t a pavement) and have a maximum speed of 4 mph. This type of mobility scooter does not need to be registered. Class 3 mobility scooters can be used on the road, and have a maximum speed of 4 mph off the road, and 8 mph on the road.

A report commissioned by the Department for Transport found that many suppliers of mobility scooters fail to inform their customers of the legal requirement to register these larger class 3 scooters with the DVLA. To register a class 3 mobility scooter, complete form V55/4 for new vehicles, or V55/5 for used vehicles.

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  1. Matt Hodges


    A few years ago a tandem mobility scooter was seen frequently on Morecambe Promenade and was featured in the local paper. It was used by an elderly couple where one of them, I think the lady, could not manage a normal mobility scooter. I have a picture of it with riders probably scanned from the local paper or the papers website.
    I would also point out that a tandem tricycle with pedelec electric assist is legal provided it complies with the electric bicycle regulations which would require one of the riders to provide some of the power by pedalling. Also it would not require DVLA licensing and would be able to have electric power up to 15.5 mph.
    An electric assist trike can be very useful for people with limited mobility provided they can pedal or hand crank.

  2. Gordon Higginbottom


    Is it permitted to use a tandem mobility Scooter on the road/pavement . My wife & I are OAPs I am a blue badge holder ( spinal probs) with a current full driving licence, & my wife suffers from R/A . My local Motobility shop recommends & sells tandem mobility scooters- insisting they are now legally allowed on roads when registered in the uk. Is this correct? We use them on hols abroad in europe legally, but I cannot find out about the UK- hence this message , if they are legal I require a reg form . It would then mean we can shop together ….wonderful. Please advise . I have asked previously with no response.If it is NOT legal How can the shop Sell & demonstrate them on the High St

    • The ETA


      Hello Gordon
      We would suggest you ask the shop for further details. Are they suggesting that you can register a tandem model as a category three mobility scooter? we have been told by the Department for Transport that tandem mobility scooters do not conform to the current definition of an ‘invalid carriage’ – the legal term used to describe mobility scooters. It may be that your shop is suggesting that you register the tandem as a quadricycle, but this would mean you’d need a number plate and MOT etc and you wouldn’t be entitled to ride it on the pavement.

  3. N Barrow


    Hi, I have a three wheeled TGA scooter with a double seat (side by side ) it is no wider than the mud guards, we are both disabled with blue badges etc. with the single seat I can ride it on the pavement, does this also apply with my double seat. if not why?

    • Yannick Read


      The bench seat on a TGA scooter is wide enough to accommodate two people, but technically I think it is a single seater

  4. leslie stace


    i have 3 scooters plus a elec,chair wife cant drive she go over people feet we both have blue badges i wuold give anything for a tanden she house bound i have a trailer to go to eastbourn to drive along the promernade if i can get a tanden, any body cot won for sale please 07873733184

  5. leslie stace


    64 vervon road uckfield e ,sussex tn225dy

  6. leslie stace


    thank you so much lesstace

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