End of the road for bicycle that was too advanced for production

Denny utility bike

The team behind the Denny – a radical new interpretation of the urban bicycle – are appealing for a new manufacturer to resurrect the project.

After winning the Oregon Manifest Bike Design competition, the battery-assisted bicycle was due to be built in small numbers by Fuji, but it was not to be.  The Denny won a public vote on the strength of its ingenious handlebar lock design, clever mudguard system, automatic gear shifting and stylish cargo shelf, but as Roger Jackson, creative director of the project, told the Seattle Times:

When you take the bike into the journey to production, there will always be trade-offs … at the end of the two-year journey, the compromises got to the point where the spirit of the Denny wasn’t going to be alive.

Described by the BBC as a ‘bike for people who don’t ride bikes’, many of the Denny’s features are said to have proved too challenging for mass production. However, there may be hope for the novel removable handlebars that double up as a lock. The design is still under development and currently  on its fourth iteration.

The Denny's handlebars are designed to be quickly removed and used as a lock to secure the bicycle.

The Denny’s handlebars are designed to be quickly removed and used as a lock to secure the bicycle.

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  1. Mary Fisher


    If the manufacture is resurrected I’ll definitely buy one, it has everything I want and need.

  2. edmund white


    I would too,does not say a lot for the manufacturers that there not up to the challenge, it looks a world beater

  3. TheCyclist


    I don’t see why it is too complicated for mass production; after all, look how complicated car production is.

  4. Richard Barber


    Looks an ungainly load of junk, hopefully, not coming to a town near me. No real cyclist would be seen on it, it’s made for yuppies.

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