UK bike theft effectively ‘decriminalised’

bicycle theft

Bike theft has been described by an MP as effectively ‘decriminalised’ following news that 90 per cent of cases go unsolved, and only 2 per cent result in someone being charged.

Lib Dem home affairs spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said the figures would leave cyclists ‘wondering if bike theft has been decriminalised’

Nobody knows for certain how many bicycles are stolen each year in the UK. Home Office data reveals 365,000 reported bike thefts have gone unsolved since 2019, but it’s accepted many more go unreported. Worse still, nobody seems to know how to tackle a crime compounded in recent years by the advent of the cordless angle grinder, and police who take little interest.

Bike registration schemes sound like a good idea, but the benefits are slim. After all, cars are identifiable by their registration plate, VIN number, serial numbers and the ECU and yet only about one in four stolen cars is reunited with its owner. And it’s wrong to assume stolen bikes remain within our borders. According to research in The Netherlands, bicycle theft is increasingly committed by organised gangs who export the bikes.

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