Year-round cycling; Give your bike a mudguard makeover

bicycle full mudguards

With less than a month to go before Christmas, if you’re still riding come rain or shine, good for you. The numerous benefits of cycling continue whatever the weather, but, as you’ll know, winter cycling brings its own challenges.

For us, year-round riding’s easier once you tackle the most common excuses to not cycle.

Given the damp British climate, top of our list is equipping a bike for wet weather. After all, look at our roads; there’s a good reason you don’t see motorbikes without mudguards. And once car fenders were invented in 1901, they quickly became standard issue.

We don’t know why so few bikes in the UK are sold without mudguards fitted, but one thing is certain; cycling in the rain without them can be miserable.

bicycle in rain with no mudguards

Mudguards completely transform wet weather riding – it’s a wonder so few of us fit them

We think Bontrager have it nailed where mudguards are concerned. A few of us here at the ETA run them on and off-road and we’ve no complaints; they’re quick and easy to install straight out of the box and, most importantly, they work well at keeping us free of surface water, road grime and mud.

No more excuses – Win a mudguard makeover

If you’d like to win a set of Bontrager mudguards, leave us a message below. They come in a variety of sizes to suit most bike styles and tyre choices, but your bike will need mudguard mounts. If we draw your name, we’ll be in touch to ask which size suits you best.

The ethical choice

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  1. DarrenC


    Yes please!
    Just happens that I own a TREK hybrid bike, my bike looks bare without a snazzy matching pair of mudguards to keep my bum dry.

  2. Craig Young


    It’s remarkable that new bikes come without mudguards, because they are essential in the UK. I would love to win these please for my latest stead.

  3. Stephen


    I would much prefer rain to this horrible icy weather at the moment and with a set of these guards, I’d be well prepared!

  4. Judith Rout


    Ohhh, yes please . Then I’ll be singing in the rain

  5. David


    At this time of year I always say I’ll get some mudguards for my bike but never get round to it so use it as an excuse for not taking my bike out in the wet. A free pair would force me into fitting that.

    • Peter Soper


      These would come just in time for me to build up my hack bike.

  6. JohnB


    Mudguards, glorious mudguards! I’d love them!

  7. Peter Clark


    My mudguards are vital because, while I don’t generally ride in the rain, the water on the roads is still there the next day. Sadly they are vital and beginning to fall apart after many years so an upgrade would be very welcome

  8. Alan Catley


    Please send me some mudguards so that I can rejoin the chain gang … I’m banned from riding with my buddies when it rains.

  9. Tosh


    Yes, Yes, Yes, It’s very wet down here in Devon and that makes it harder to get out, a pair of decent mudguards would be just the job!

  10. Jane Green


    Ooh yes please anything to keep my bum dry 😂😂👍x

  11. Torun


    Santa has sent me a sign.
    The mudguards are exactly what I wished for.
    It’s a Christmas miracle.
    Colour also matches my tyres.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  12. Bill


    I never fail to catch my mudguards on something or other so they are invariably twisted or broken. To fix a new pair on would be nice…?

  13. Jenny C


    Just the thing for all this wet weather we are experiencing at the moment ☔️

  14. Peter


    My 15 year old set have had their day!

  15. Mags


    Can’t change the weather but would love to change the outlook with new mudguards

  16. Pam Jibson


    I have one set of mudguards which I have to switch between bikes. Oh for an end to a soggy bottom all year round 😊

  17. Bazza


    Might get me out, at least after the rain eases

  18. Pamela


    My cycling mates are forever complaining about my spray. Mudguards would be a great solution. I would not need to be the one riding at the back! and I would get home cleaner!

  19. John


    These will save me keep washing my raincoat after every ride and no more dirty stripe up my back

  20. Yousaf Mirza


    Look amazing. Would be ideal for commuting!

  21. Richard


    I’m currently re-assembling an old tandem. These would be great

  22. Kelly Smith


    These looks great, would love a set

  23. Andrew Smith


    No one wants a wet bum!

  24. Phil


    Me please

  25. adrian price


    I live in wigan greater manchester where its permanently wet and muddy so would love to win some mud gaurds

  26. John Darby


    Have been meaning to get mudguards for, well, years. These would finally make it happen 🙏🏻

  27. Rob Lewis


    These would be a great replacement for my existing tatty mudguards.

  28. Anita Brayford


    Great looking protection – I’d love to win them

  29. Donald Woodman


    I love the spacing adjuster design on these.

  30. Colin


    mud glorious mud

  31. Martin Baker


    Much as I enjoy a mud stripe up my a**e & back, I’m prepared to give these a go.

  32. james


    It hardly ever rains here in Scotland but I’d like a set anyway.

    • Thomas


      My son would love these for the bike he is getting for Christmas as he loves going on rides with me in the forrest.

  33. Mark B


    Oh yes please. Just what my daughter needs on her bike.

  34. Martin Lake


    Just what I need. I currently have off-road ones on my hybrid. The rear one is a front one held under the rear rack with a bootlace!

  35. Meg Stark


    I’m doing up a second-hand bike to give to a Ukrainian refugee lady and it’s almost finished – except it has no mudguards! These would be a wonderful addition to finish it off.

  36. Janet


    Oh! Yes please!

  37. Fergus. D


    I would love a pair to replace my ugly corroded ones, Please?

  38. Clive


    Essential for club rides.

  39. Iain Shanks


    Yes please, much needed for social rides when the roads are wet

  40. Theresa McCarthy


    Please a set would stop me saying it’s raining I can’t ride today. 🤣

  41. Mark


    Yes please! It’s done nothing but rain around here for days now….

  42. Dave


    Lovely stuff

  43. Jamie J


    New mudguards would be great, hopefully I won’t have to spray that again…

  44. Jonathan Hunt


    I suspect the variety of sizes will not include my 20″ super wide Tern GSD wheel (only my front guard is broken). But here’s hoping!

  45. David Anthony


    I always see the mudguards as a necessary evil (especially in the UK), the toil you have to put them on is always returned with slightly dryer rides but at the cost of the loss of that elegant silhouette!

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