Will your next Peugeot be a cargo e-bike?

Peugeot e bike cargo

Peugeot might be best known for making cars but, as every cyclist knows, the company has a long and illustrious history of building bicycles, too.

Slated for launch early next year, Peugeot’s new line-up of cargo e-bikes includes designs aimed at kid-carrying and general hauling duties.

peugeot longtail e-bike

The Peugeot e-Front Load is a cargo bike is beautifully styled design that hopefully will perform as well as it looks.

The e-Longtail, which will square up against the hugely popular Tern GSD, has seats, sturdy footrests and a protective hand rail ideally positioned for young passengers.

Your cargo e-bike in safe hands

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RadRunner e-bike prize

Cargo e-bikes – A growing market

According to the Bicycle Association, about 4,000 cargo bikes were sold in the UK last year, however that’s small fry compared to our European cousins; the French snap up about 50,000 every year, but even that pales in comparison with the 103,000 cargo bikes sold in Germany.

Perhaps even more interesting than booming German cargo bike sales figures is the fact that their modal share doubled between 2019 and 2021. The country now has 1.2 million private users of cargo bikes, according to the German Federal Ministry of Transport.

Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, says up to 14% of small van journeys could be made with bikes instead. However, if the move to cargo bikes is to gather pace in the UK, electric models should be subsidised in the same way as electric cars. The plug-in grant scheme has subsidised the sale of nearly half a million electric vehicles over the last decade. Unfortunately, for all the talk of an e-bike subsidy scheme, it has yet to materialise.

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