Travel decisions made easy: Bicycle barometers & desktop departure boards

mini rail departure board

Whether you’re a self-confessed rail buff, a commuter who likes to cut things fine or simply gadget fan, the desktop departure board is a winner.

Available in a variety of sizes, the diminutive displays are designed to simulate real station departure boards with real-time, scrolling info on train/tube/bus/tram departures for your chosen UK station or stop. There’s even an upgrade that allows you to listen to the departure and arrival announcements as they happen. With that kind of attention to detail, who cares if you don’t use it to make actual travel decisions?

On the subject of desktop gadgets for the tech-obsessed commuter, how about a device that helps you choose between travel by bike or rail?

It’s understandable why the sight of pouring rain this week might have you reaching for the car keys or rail card, but the decision to leave the bike at home is always uncomfortable to make. The bicycle barometer promises to do it on your behalf.

Travel decisions: Cycle or train?

bicycle barometer

The bicycle barometer uses an internet connection to establish weather conditions on your route and the status of public transport alternatives.

It then distils the data into a single value and displays it on a clock-like face. If it’s raining the hand moves towards the London underground sign, but if the tube is suffering delays, it will move back towards the bicycle icon.

If you have the skills and are feeling brave, instructions for building one are available here

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