UK’s first feminist city will benefit everyone

Glasgow City Council has voted to make women central to all aspects of planning and public realm design.

Green Councillor Holly Bruce proposed the motion, which could see changes to the infrastructure such as wider pavements to accommodate prams and safer travel routes.

Speaking to The Scotsman newspaper, Holly Bruce explained: “For too long, our streets, parks and buildings have been designed by men. The apparently ‘gender-neutral’ approach that we’ve used for centuries has meant that the male perspective has become the default.”

The world is slowly acknowledging countless examples of gender-neutral design that are anything but.

For example, at work, thermostats are frequently set at temperatures that suit the male body and metabolism. Women produce less heat and it’s estimated that current offices are on average five degrees too cold for women.

crash test dummies

Until recently, crash test dummies were based on male physiology

In medicine, research into cardiovascular health has historically centred on male physiology with the result that women are 50 per cent more likely to be misdiagnosed after a heart attack. And when it comes to vehicle safety, crash-test dummies are built based on the average man’s physical dimensions – an oversight that contributes towards the fact women are over 40 per cent more likely to suffer serious injuries in a car crash. It’s only in recent years that a female crash dummy has been developed.

Glasgow deserves recognition and praise for its move towards feminist town planning. When women take the lead in this, as in so many areas of public life, amazing things can happen. The transformative changes to Dutch town planning in the early 70s were championed by women like Maartje van Putten – the first president elect of the Stop de Kindermoord protest movement and later an MEP. Here she talks to us about her campaigning work half a century ago.

The ethical choice

The ETA was established in 1990 as an ethical provider of green, reliable travel services. Over 30 years on, we continue to offer cycle insurance , breakdown cover and mobility scooter insurance while putting concern for the environment at the heart of all we do.

The Good Shopping Guide judges us to be the UK’s most ethical provider.


    • The ETA


      All true. However, apparently some crash test sites continue to use scaled-down male dummies that represent women inaccurately.

  1. Pip


    It is a pity ETA are associating themselves with this Loony Left nonsense.

    Ironically the leader of the Scottish administration, nor the rest of the Loony Left, cannot even define what a woman is.

    • The ETA


      Not sure how familiar you are with who we are as an organisation, but we’ve been advocating this kind of equitable approach to town planning for over 30 years

  2. George


    I wonder who will be building these Brave New World feminist cities of the future?

    Men, of course.
    They still do (almost) all of the dirty and dangerous jobs in society.

    • The ETA


      It’s almost as if some folk don’t want equitable places to live

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