Bath launches clean air zone

Bath has become the first city in England outside London to charge a levy on polluting vehicles. The clean air zone operates in the city centre 24 hours a day throughout the year and charges apply to pre-euro 6 diesel and pre-euro 4 petrol vehicles, except private cars and motorbikes.

Taxis, minibuses and other commercial vehicles that fail to meet emissions standards are charged £9 a day while higher-emission buses, coaches and HGVs pay £100 a day.

While levels of air pollution fell during 2020 due to lockdown, Bath suffers from illegal levels of Nitrogen Oxide – a crisis it predicts the clean air zone will redress by year end.

Grants of up to £35,000 are available for operators of the largest and most polluting vehicles to help them invest in cleaner models. However, one local business owner with no need for such help is James Allen who conducts his sash window restoration company from a custom cargo trike.

The fetching coachwork is built around a Cycle Maximus TrailerTrike™ – a design that maximises the capacity of a conventional cargo trike without compromising manoeuvrability. The TrailerTrike is made with a steel frame, leaf springs on the rear wheels, a quick-coupler much like a lorry system and there are dual braking systems on the trailer with hydraulic quick coupling and electrical couplers. The electric motor assisted trailer will soon be available with solar panels fitted to its roof to contribute towards recharging.

Carrying kids by Christiania cargo bike

Cargo trikes are being bought in increasing numbers in London, not only by businesses looking for an environmentally-friendly way of avoiding the congestion and ULEZ charges but by parents looking for a practical and fun alternative to the car for the school run.

When it comes to transporting young children by bike, especially on the school run, there are various options to choose between. By far the simplest and most popular is the child seat fitted onto the rear rack, but on a standard bike it is not possible to carry more than one child in this way.

christiania cargo bike

In Denmark many families with two or more kids, have turned to the Christiania. There is a choice between a standard-sized model, which can fit two to three kids, and a longer version, which can comfortably seat four to six. The box where the kids sit is in front, so everyone gets a good view, while the rider can keep an eye on the kids.

The Madsen Cargo Bike is like any other bicycle features an extended frame equipped with a tub large sturdy enough to carry 250 kg. The advantage it has over the trikes is that it’s easier to store and park if space is tight.

Madsen cargo bike

Protection for you and your bike

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