A cleaner, safer transport future

pop-up zebra protest

Every time you buy cycle insurance, home insurance, breakdown cover or mobility scooter insurance from us, you help support the work of the ETA Trust, our charity campaigning for a cleaner, safer transport future. Projects range from nationwide awareness-raising events such as Green Transport Week to viral online campaigns and the production of documentary films.

Despite a pause in activity due to the Coronovirus pandemic, we’ve enjoyed many successes over recent times, reaching a large audience and helping to raise awareness. Recent highlights include:

World’s first pedal-powered parklet

We won a contract to design, build and deliver to the public the world’s first pedal-powered parklet. A parklet is small seating area that reclaims a car parking space on behalf of the community – our version can be towed into place by an electric cargo bike and takes only 25 minutes to erect. The parklet has been visited by over 10,000 people to date.

Stop Killing our Children

Our documentary Stop Killing our Children examines how road danger damages us all, whatever our age and however we travel, and questions our collective blindness to both its cause and remedy.

The 40-minute, crowdfunded film is narrated by the BBC’s John Simpson and features interviews with Chris Boardman, Dr Rachel Aldred, George Monbiot and the founders of the Stop de Kindermoord movement amongst others.

Following a successful and well-attended launch at the London Transport Museum, the film has been watched by over 6,000 people.

Community engagement

The ETA Trust won a contract to promote walking and cycling in the London borough of Kingston. The team helped fix people’s bikes, promoted local cycling facilities and gave travel plan advice at over 75 events.

Safer crossings for schools

Every child has the right to cross to school in safely. Our campaign to ensure that every school can get a safe crossing includes our awareness-raising pop-up zebra crossing. We visit schools who have unsuccessfully applied for a safe crossing with our inflatable design – our visit always results in positive local media coverage of their story and some councils have reacted by installing a real crossing.

Southern Crossrail

London’s railways are already bursting and new rail lines are not being built fast enough. Southern Crossrail is the ETA Trust’s scoping project to provide a quick and simple alteration to London Waterloo station to double its capacity and dramatically improve the daily commute for millions.

Together we can do more

Supporting projects like these is easy. You can make a donation  – and don’t forget that every time you buy cycle insurance, home insurance, breakdown cover or mobility scooter insurance from us, it helps support the work of the ETA Trust.

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