Pedlet: A pedal-powered parklet

pedal powered parklet

Parklets are popping up in cities around the country as community groups and local authorities encourage us all to challenge the car’s dominance of public space.

1970s San Francisco was the birthplace of the parklet – a way of reclaiming a single car parking space in favour of public space. The first one-day parklet was created in 2005 when a group fed a parking meter with coins, rolled out a length of turf and installed a potted tree.

We are proud to have provided the Royal Borough of Kingston with a pedal-powered parklet, which was unveiled officially this week. We’ve nicknamed it a pedlet.

The pedlet can be towed into place using an electric cargo trike and once installed, provides visitors with a place to sit, free WiFi and birdsong played through a small wooden bird box. Residents of Kingston borough are able to request the parklet visit their street for a day by visiting the council’s website. See it in action below.


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  1. john Davidson


    Can you provide the link to the council’s website please. I’ve looked but can’t find it anywhere.

  2. alastair sawday


    I love that parklet. Do you know if anyone in Bristol has one, or something similar? And for how long can one generally get away with leaving it?

  3. Mooch


    I love this!

  4. John Holiday


    Re-take the streets!
    Roads were not built for motor cars!

  5. Helen Jowett


    Hello, For over twenty years I have been using a bike hod to do the supermarket shopping. I have had three bags for it and last year decided I could do with a new one, but the company seems to have gone bust. Is there an alternative? I have seen the Duramaxx trailer/shopping trolley online but I can’t work out if it will go over my rear luggage rack. I have a Gazelle Esprit. Can anyone help please?

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