Car breakdown warning lights up for grabs

road flare for car breakdown

If you’re unlucky to suffer a car breakdown, common sense dictates that you switch on your vehicle’s hazard lights before getting yourself and your passengers to a place of safety while you wait for recovery. LED road flares offer an additional way of minimising the risk of your vehicle being struck by an inattentive driver.

At just 10cm in diameter and 3.5cm high, the Nordstrand Emergency LED Flare is small enough to keep in your driver’s door. In fact, it’s so small and light, you can carry it while cycling or hiking. The flare emits a full 360° of ultra-bright light that it is claimed can be seen up to 10 miles away.

road flares for car breakdown

The emergency flare is shock, vibration, and water-resistant and it can be used in three ways. Placing it on the ground allows the flare to work like a lighthouse illuminating the surrounding road surface. Alternatively, its magnetic base allows it to be stuck to any metallic surface such as your car’s bodywork. Finally, a hook allows it to be suspended if need be.

Win a road flare

We have a set of six road flares to give away. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll a winner next week.

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  1. Lawrence


    It would be nice to win a set of these lights.

  2. steve


    Surely it must be my turn to win something by now? It is, but don’t call me Shirley!

  3. Mark Johnson


    Makes perfect sense…..sometimes the obvious is easy…..

  4. Mark Johnson


    Makes perfect sense…..sometimes the obvious is easy….. embrace the obvious…

  5. Peter Chisnall



  6. Christopher


    A bright idea

  7. Douglas Milsom


    The designer of these obviously has a “Flair” for this sort of thing! I would love to win a set.

  8. Sarah


    These would be so useful in my car kit.

  9. Jim Woodlingfield


    Not the sort of flares to replace my bell bottoms but a good addition to my emergency kit.

  10. sandy mcqueen


    Brilliant invention. Should be made compulsory equipment for all car, bicycle, moped, motor bike, wheelchair and mobility scooters. Please could i win a set too?

  11. Peter G


    What a good idea. Reminds me of the firework flares used by Motorway Police patrols back in 70’s to warn following vehicles of accidents and incidents which were similarly effective.

  12. Rob


    My car is nearly 20 years old now, and a set of these flares might come in very useful.

  13. Peter Clark


    Great product

  14. Russ Taylor


    fab device. I could also use it at a festival to locate my tent – provided everyone else doesn’t have one!

  15. Steve K


    Quite illuminating!

  16. Steve P


    A brilliant idea in more than one way.

  17. frank


    I would like to have these to help avoid Close Encounters of the Car Kind.

  18. Carol W


    Yay. Flarey Faireys 🙂

  19. Gillian Watling


    It’s a legal requirement to carry warning triangles and hi viz jackets in many countries on the continent. That and those flares look like a wonderful idea to me!!!

  20. Gaetan Baillieul


    Extra safety on thé road, can’t hurt!

  21. Pablo


    In bright and have a flare for competitions so I must be a winner.

  22. cliff go


    Thanks ETA for trying to keep me safe. What a wonderful Christmas gift it would be

  23. Simon Randall


    What a really bright idea! At first glance, you’d be mistaken for thinking they were chemical-based flares.

  24. Gavin


    These might be useful whilst out riding the bike… might limt SMIDSY ?

  25. Mark B


    Yes please!

  26. Roger T


    My flares in the 70s weren’t quite as bright nor would they have been much use in an emergency.

  27. Richard Scrase


    Dear light ful

  28. stuart minal


    Great idea. Anything that improves safety must be applauded.

  29. Stephen D.


    Love these! There are a couple of pedestrians on shared cycling / pedestrian paths who could do them as well to help keep us all safe!


  30. craig young


    In my experience, people underestimate how visible they are to other road users. That’s why these dark winters pose so much more of a risk of accidents. These flares are a great idea and highly flexible as well.

    Well done to ETA for the opportunity.

  31. Philip


    Many road users, including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, do not seem to realise that just because you can see them it does not follow that they can see you. Great idea.

  32. Paul Homer


    The road flares look like a great bit of kit, essential for any car driver. I can see they would be ideal should you breakdown on a Smart Motorway on a isolated country road.

  33. STEVO


    Had a flat tyre on the weekend in gloomy conditions, could have done with them then!

  34. Mark


    Loving everything about these, in particular, the flexibility. Banging……!!!

  35. David Hunt


    These flares are a great idea. I had an led warning triangle in the past that worked in a similar way, so I know they work.

  36. Martin Bryant


    Driving a 90 year old vintage Talbot over Alpine passes these lights might just save my life!

  37. Pete lovelock


    Think, single mum 3 kids under 8 one of which is autistic on a SMART motorway!! Enough said.

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