The tilting electric trike with four wheels

tilting electric scooter

Drivers are notoriously difficult to prise from behind the steering wheel. We blame the cup holders.

Millions of us every day overlook the running costs, time wasted in traffic jams and even our responsibility for the air pollution that brings about the early deaths of 50,000 in Britain alone each year, simply because our cars provide such a comfortable and well-appointed environment.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how many well-placed cup holders your car boasts, our relationship with the car is an ill-judged affair than cannot last. There simply isn’t the road space or natural resources.

Peugeot thinks it has a practicable alternative to the car for those motorists unwilling or unable to use a bicycle.

peugeot electric tilting scooter

The Peugeot PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) scooter is a tilting electric trike powered by electric motors housed within its wheels able to deliver a top speed of about 40 mph and range of 186 miles. An internal combustion engine can take over on motorways for speeds up to 70 mph.

The electric scooter promises to handle like a trike and despite of having four wheels, its size and configuration mean it can be classified as a three-wheeler.

No word yet on whether it is equipped with cup holders.

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  1. Mike


    Awesome send me an invite to test ride this it looks sure to impress

  2. Simon fuller


    We need a whole range of small electric vehicles including bikes scooters and small cars like the 4 wheel trike. We also need massive investment in high quality cycleways and alternative eco routes. All electric bikes and scooters are still illegal here but are widely used in many other countries.

  3. Plevyadophy


    Who on earth wrote that silly headline?! 😡

    If it has FOUR wheels then by definition it is NOT a trike; it’s a quad-bike!

  4. Raf


    i wonder how the crash resistance compares to a BMW C1…

  5. David


    Dear Plevyadophy,

    I don’t know who wrote the headline, but it wasn’t MR AGRY!!

  6. Pat


    What makes me wonder, and its never stated anywhere, what are the cost of these batteries, when they have to be replaced?

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