A small-wheeled cargo bike for the city

tern GSD small-wheeled cargo bike

There is nothing new about the small-wheeled cargo bike, but Tern claims to be redefining the category with its new electric powered GSD – a bike designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries or 180 kg of cargo.

tern GSD small-wheeled utility bicycle

The GSD uses the now ubiquitous Bosch electric motor, which powered by up to two batteries can cover an impressive 250km. The bike arrives equipped with built-in lighting, rack, mudguards, double kickstand, two large panniers and retractable passenger foot pegs.

tern GSD small-wheeled utility bicycle

There’s little doubt the GSD is an impressive proposition, but if the 3,999 euro entry price is a little steep, there are cheaper ways to enter the small-wheel cargo bike. Donky Bike is an innovative British-designed utility vehicle: An affordable and versatile load-carrying bicycle.

Donky Bike

Many of the bikes used on city streets appear unsuitable for urban use. cheap mountain bikes grab sales by boasting many gears and suspended forks, but rarely offer luggage racks or mudguards. Inspired by load-carrying designs from the Netherlands and the strength and simplicity of BMX components, Ben Wilson and Jonathan Pooley set out to build an affordable and practical town bike. A bike for life, not landfill.

The result is the £499 Donky – a compact 20” wheel bike with removable cargo platforms front and rear.

Donky Bike utiity bicycle carrying heavy load

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  1. Christopher


    What about the Porterlight Bringley? It’s based upon the tried and tested Long-John format.

  2. Graham Bates


    So these bikes are allowed on the pavement and zebras?

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