10 weird and wonderful tents for summer 2017

Roomoon tent

A resurgence of interest in camping has spawned a host of weird and wonderful tents. Behold our top ten…

A tent that’s cosy and quiet

Camping enthusiast Derek O’Sullivan has developed what promises to be the world’s first correctly insulated tent. Little beats sleeping under canvas, but conventional tents have a few drawbacks. Once the air temperature drops, tents cool very quickly inside and, conversely, in direct sunlight they can become like saunas. On a crowded campsite, the complete lack of sound insulation can be wearing. O’Sullivan’s solution is the Thermo Tent – a multi-layer that offers maximum sound and temperature insulation and minimum condensation.

insulated tent

The world’s most luxurious hammock tent

The The Tentsile combines the versatility of a hammock with the comfort and security of a multi-person tent.

tentsile tent

If you love the idea of sleeping among the birds or simply treading lightly when you travel, this might be the tent you’ve been waiting for. The Tentsile is fully collapsible tent inspired by a spider’s web. Having the tent suspended between trees means your night’s sleep is unlikely to be disturbed by uneven or soggy ground. The design will also appeal to appeal tree house lovers of every age.

My other car’s a Porsche (tent)

With the average value of London property a staggering £859 per square foot, what better of expanding your home, making your neighbours envious and reducing your emissions than erecting a Porsche 911-shaped tent in your street?

The tents are smaller, but far better value than a loft conversion for those needing additional space. With a footprint of 80 square feet, the car-shaped tent represents over £60,000 of London space – almost as much as a real Porsche 911, but far more cheap and environmentally friendly to run.

car tent

Bicycle frame tent

Bikamper uses your bicycle’s road front wheel in place of tent poles. Both tent and fly pack down to a small, space saving size. It all packs down into a stuff bag that straps to the handlebars. The tent offers a floor space of 200 x 90 cm and weighs 1.63 kg. Bikamper costs about £150 

bikamper bicycle tent

The tent that thinks it’s a tree house

Roomoon is a spherical tent made from a a stainless steel frame and durable handmade canvas cover. The 1.8 metre-wide cocoon boasts its own solid wood floor, which doubles up as a storage box when the tent is broken down.

Roomoon tent

Kombi camping

The VW camper tent is a 1:1 scale recreation of a 1965 T1 kombi van. The pop-up van sleeps up to four people in two separate rooms . Expect to pay around £250.

Frontiers-style tent with wood burner

Tentipi tents offer a communal camping experience for up to ten adults at a time. Despite their size, the tents can be erected quickly and are available with a host of accessories including a traditional wood burning stove.

tentipi tent with stove

Doughnut tents

The Doughnut tent is a concept design that stores flat before expanding into a variety of shapes like a slinky toy.

doughnut tent

Bicycle tents you tow

The day-to-day challenges facing the camping cyclist include carrying the lightest possible equipment and finding level ground on which to pitch the tent, but a new design of pop-up tent designed to be towed behind a bicycle doubles up as a capacious 180-litre trailer and jacks ensure a comfortable night’s sleep on uneven ground.  The trailer is adjustable for bikes with wheel sizes from 20” to 29”.

Bushtrekka trailer

Poncho tents

This new design of poncho/tent hybrid may look eccentric, but it is aimed at the many walkers and cycle campers who need waterproof clothing and a tent, but have to keep to a minimum the weight and volume of equipment they carry. Hikers and cyclists already have a choice of tents that use a bicycle as their means of support, lightweight pop-up designs and waterproof sleeping bags, but the poncho is the first tent that can be worn as an item of clothing.

poncho tent

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  1. Jim Clark


    You still haven’t got round to my idea mentioned last week of a low loader and crane so that the wimps who have to take every thing (wood burning stove yikes) with them when they visit the countryside can dig up their house and take it along camping with them.
    On the subject of the stove, how many trees will the campers destroy to get the wood, do they know that most sites particularly woodlands and heaths do not allow fires especially in dry summer conditions.
    Whatever happened to a bit of adventure. I don’t eat junk food so you can all spit in as many cheerios’ packets as you like
    Think of the planet, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

  2. Amoeba


    Jim Clark
    There are wood-burning stoves that are extremely efficient and will operate on a small amount of wood, even a handful of dead twigs or even leaves. The sort of twigs that are often lying around on the ground. Types would include rocket stoves, woodgas stoves and the Volcano-type kettle. These are lightweight and use no fossil-fuels. There is absolutely no need to cut wood for these stoves.

    It’s always important to avoid heating the ground and I advocate leaving no-trace. No litter ever.
    Ash can be removed in a metal can.

    The hideous, burned, black fire-scars that one often encounters are often set by people with disposable barbecues.

    It’s always the irresponsible who spoil things for everyone else.

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