All aboard the pedal-powered school bus

pedal-powered school bus

A group of volunteers from Rouen in France has launched a free pedal-powered school bus service for local children.

Concerned by the 75 per cent of school children in their area of France ferried to lessons by car and inspired by a similar service in the Netherlands, the group acquired a pedal-powered school bus and much local support. Each bus is 1.3 metres wide, 4 metres long and carries ten children to school. The service now carries two bus loads of children to school every day and has a waiting list of passengers, but with each bus costing £10,000 and a reliance on volunteers, it is struggling to expand.

pedal-powered school bus

A healthy and environmentally-benign alternative way of arriving at lessons

The bus is steered by an adult driver and powered entirely by its passengers, most of whom pedal. The pedal-powered school bus school is a powerful way of allaying the fears of parents reluctant to allow young children to cycle to school on the road.

The 11-seat bus travels at a speed of about 10 mph and has an electric motor to help with hills.

Not ready for pedal-powered public transport, but looking for an environmentally-benign and healthy war to get the kids to school by car? Take a look at the pedal-powered Vauxhall Corsa currently for sale on eBay.

pedal-powered car bus

James Roberts of Pearley Bikes set out to build  a four-person, pedal-powered car, except instead of starting from scratch, he fitted cycling components into scrapped Corsa, ditching the engine but retaining the lights, electric windows, horn, doors, and mirrors.

The running gear is made from moped and motorcycle parts. The gears between the two rear seats have 21 ratios and are controlled by the center control bar between front two seats. The amazing car is up for sale for £1,600.

The ethical choice

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