The caravan designed to be towed behind a bicycle

It’s the ideal accessory for cyclists who demand the height of luxury on their camping trips – a fully-equipped, single-berth caravan designed to be towed by a bicycle.

QTvan worlds smallest caravan trailer

The £5,500 caravan boasts a full-sized single bed, 19” TV, drinks cabinet and tea-making facilities. The ETA commissioned the bicycle caravan during Green Transport Week to illustrate the efficiency of the bicycle.

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The QTvan


“Versatile” bicycles

The caravan’s designer at the ETA, Yannick Read, said: “The caravan illustrates the versatility of the bicycle. Bikes don’t just beat traffic, get you fit, save you money and go easy on the environment – few people realise how much you can carry or tow with them.”

Battery boost

The caravan can be towed by most conventional bicycles, but its range can be extended considerably by hitching it to an electric bike.

Cycle camping was at its height in the 1950s, but a renewed interest in camping over the last three years has seen cycle touring clubs attract record numbers.

Top speed: How fast can you pedal?
Dimensions: 2m x 75cm
Range: You decide
Power for TV/kettle: 240v hook up
Entertainment: 19” TV, radio, alarm clock, book shelves
Accommodation: Full-sized single bed
Cooking facilities: Kettle, drinks cabinet
Eco rating: Entirely carbon neutral (if electricity for electric bicycle is bought from a sustainable provider)
Optional extras include: Solar roof panels, satellite dish, gaming console, central heating, external luggage rack, bespoke paint

Cycle Insurance

Cycle insurance from the ETA includes new-for-old, third party insurance (in the case of an accident you may need to seek compensation or even deal with a claim by someone else), personal accident cover, race event cover and if you suffer a mechanical breakdown, they will come out and recover you and your bike. Electric bicycles can also be covered. Includes 90 days’ European cover and 60’ days worldwide.


  1. connor wilson


    hello i am making a bike caravan out of a standerd bike trailer eny tips facebook me connor rhys wilson

  2. Martin Oconnor


    Do you do a double bed range?

    • nib


      That would be two in train behind a tandem wouldn’t it?

      • martin


        No I said double bed range not two caravans

  3. jorge luis galicia hernandez


    enviame todo sobre la construccion y el presio del prototipo

  4. Joe


    Does the scooter go with it instead of the bike, also the stuff inside of it, ie.drinking glasses etc Please answer soon.

    • Yannick Read


      Yes – the same caravan can be towed by a mobility scooter. Email for more details

      • Vee


        Hi Mr. Read,
        I am a design student who has decided to create a bike caravan for my project.
        I’m just wondering how I may be able to contact you to ask some questions about this wonderful caravan you have created?

        Did you require a government permit for this vehicle to drive it on the roads or need to register it? Were there any vehicle creation parameters?

        Thank you very much

    • Joe


      how much does this trailer cost Please answer soon

  5. niki terry


    can this be purchased in the usa?

  6. Joe


    how much does this trailer cost due you get a bike or aelectric bike go with it

  7. Joe


    Does the scooter go with it instead of the bike

  8. Joe


    Does the scooter go with it instead of the bike
    how much does this trailer cost

  9. Dante Esquivel


    Talk about dreamers!, I definitely would love to have one for those 100 plus miles rides.

  10. Jochem


    Is it available without TV? How does it behave behind a recumbent bicycle sporting a 26″ rearwheel?

  11. cliff Cooley


    I was wondering where do I purchase this and how much is it

    • shirley turner


      Please tell where and much this cute little trailer is

  12. dee


    Can anyone please send me companys that make bicycle campers.
    Also this 53 year old bicycle traveler is lookin for a female life travel partner i ride a WTB mtn bike (-;
    Thank u for reading.
    Be blessed

    • Genepher


      Just wondering if you have found your female life travel partner…I have been putting plans together so I can hit the road soon.

    • chalie


      hi ☺
      where on earth are u

  13. john buchan


    this is a very nice caravan but 5500 pounds is more than rediculous !! i have personally made one recently to a very high quality for less than 500 pounds. building a bicycle caravan is very easy and very cheap. i understand the company needs to turn a profit but at 5500 that is profiteering

    • Frank


      Since you made one for less, would you be able to share the instructions on how to build one?

  14. john buchan


    i make bicycle caravans very like the one on this page, have a small workshop in glasgow where ive been making these for a few months now. will send link shortly.single bed £1000/1300 75cm to 90cm double bed £1500/2000, 100cm to 120 cm. all hand made.

    • Ruth Gilchrist


      Live near Glasgow, would love more details about your hand made bicycle caravan

      • jon


        john buchan glasgow , on facebook for details on bicycle caravans (homemade)

        • brandon


          glasgow uk?

          I would like to see what you got but which john buchan are you?

  15. David


    I would love to know if they did a two person one

  16. jon


    anyone interested in single or double bike caravans, add john buchan )glasgow) to your facebook and i shall send you pictures and details

  17. Wil


    I did, John…I contacted you. Thanks. This is very cool idea!

  18. john


    Have a look at (velovan bicycle camper) on facebook, new prototype just released

  19. Juan Castaneda


    I would like Information on how much it would cost to acquire one and where/how to order a qtvan, please and thank you

  20. irma


    does anyone know if I can get a light weight camper like this in Australia?

  21. Baz


    Can you get the towing hitch on its own?

    • Baz


      Also is it the same size as a standard car one?

  22. maisie


    how do I make one!!!

  23. Kidman


    How do you order what is the contact number in which one can buy qtvan

  24. Tony


    how is it in strong winds, and where does one put aporta pottie? lights at night ( rear ones for dumb motorists)

  25. Andrew McIntyre


    I’m not sure what this option would weigh. But slightly larger street lidded plastic recycling containers look a promising base. In particular, this is due to their potential for improvising an Elevating/Pop-Up Roof given the addition of concertina-like material.

  26. Martin


    Please send order details thank you

  27. Ryan


    I could really do with one of these for my ebike as I’m sofa surfing and about to be homeless in the UK, if anyone could give me a reasonable quote I’m very interested in becoming a nomadic ebike caravan hermit

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