QTvan mobility scooter caravan built to beat Royal Wedding queues

Elderly spectators hoping to bag the best spot on the Royal Wedding procession route, but unwilling to spend a night camping on the pavement, can now buy a caravan designed to be towed by a mobility scooter.

The QTvan is small enough to be used on the pavement or even inside shops, but manages to accommodate a full-size bed and television.


The QTvan is the world’s smallest caravan and is so named because it caters to three peculiarly British obsessions: queuing, tea and caravans. As well as a 19” television on which to watch the ceremony highlights, and a drinks cabinet with which to toast the happy couple, the tiny caravan boasts tea-making facilities – essential for a royal day out. If any extra provisions are needed, the caravan is so compact it can be towed inside a supermarket.

The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) developed the QTvan to highlight the estimated 220,000 people who use a mobility scooter without breakdown cover and face the prospect of a very long wait should they suffer a mechanical fault or their battery runs flat.

QTvan mobility scooter caravan

Short range

The ETA warns that the QTvan is best-suited to local trips of up to 1o miles.

If it is used to venture further afield, extra time should be allowed.

For example, a trip from London to a popular caravanning destination like the New Forest would take 2 days, while a journey to Whitby would take one week.

Order the QTvan

QTvan specifications:

Top speed: 6mph

Dimensions: 2m x 75cm

Range: 30 miles on a single charge

Power: 240v hook up or battery

Entertainment: 19” TV, radio, alarm clock, book shelves

Accommodation: Full-sized single bed

Cooking facilities: Kettle, drinks cabinet

Eco rating: The QTvan is the world’s most environmentally-friendly caravan. Using a conventional caravan for a ‘staycation’ within Britain remains a relatively green way of taking a holiday, but if the electricity used to charge the mobility scooter is bought from a green provider, the QTvan is entirely carbon neutral.

Optional extras include: Solar roof panels, air horn and extra-wide wing mirror for mobility scooter, satellite dish, gaming console, central heating, external luggage rack, bespoke paint, adaptation to be towed towed by a bicycle.

Couples cover for mobility scooters

Insurance from the ETA already represents great value at £65 per year to cover a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair worth up to £3,500, but you can now buy the same policy to cover two people at the same address for only £90 per year – a saving of 30 per cent.

You now also have the option of insuring your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair for £3,500, £5,000. £7,500 or even £10,000.

There’s never been a better time to buy ETA mobility scooter insurance.

win a luxury hotel break for two

Everyone who buys ETA mobility scooter insurance over the coming months will be entered into a prize draw to win a UK hotel break for two worth over £1,000.

The ethical choice

The ETA was established in 1990 as an ethical provider of green, reliable travel services. Over 30 years on, we continue to offer cycle insurance , breakdown cover  and mobility scooter insurance while putting concern for the environment at the heart of all we do.

The Good Shopping Guide judges us to be the UK’s most ethical provider.


  1. Vicki


    To jest w rzeczywistości kapitalny kawałek:) Czapki z głów dla
    pracujących na rzecz blogów.

  2. Janice Downey


    Are they available in the U.S.A. ?

    • Shirley Nevis


      are these available avywhere in the U.S.?

  3. Carol Bosworth


    Would love one of these behind my mobility scooter . It’s really sweet.

  4. Frank Casatelli


    Iam eagerly awaiting a caravan (camper) version that can be pulled behind a motor scooter! Preferably 150cc and up. Please, try to make it affordable. I would hate to spend more on a caravan than I did on my scooter which cost $1500.00. My scooter by the way, is a BMS 150cc. Heritage.

    • Bob S. Laquer


      You’ve probably had a solution since 2014. But you can get towing campers specifically made for 2-3 wheeled motorbikes. Teardrop trailers aren’t the only styles you can get. Look up motorcycle campers on your favorite search engine.

  5. Tania Cole


    Want one!!!! Please tell me you ‘re selling these and we can buy one in the United states.

  6. hafiz hashim


    may i ask do they do ship to singapore.or only available in europe

    • Johnnyo


      Kim Yong said NO

  7. peter klar


    hi i think you could make the trailer much more lighter if you would use honeycomp plates.also the wheels seem a little bit to heavy.you fitted big windows but when the sun shines it will get too hot inside.i spent a lot of time in tents,small campervans and boats and made expierience .i like the idea of a small funktional camper which can be towed by bicycle,motorcycle regards peter just staying on a sailingboat in thailand

  8. dd


    Is it available in South Korea?

  9. foad


    how can i to buy it?

  10. Moe Liecster


    I would sell my grand children for this!!

  11. Mike Ocksmall


    Is the TV suitable for watching Bargin Hunt on?
    Can the drinks cabinet be converted to hold Weathers orignals?
    Does it have wheel chair access?

    If so take my pention and saving bonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob S. Laquer


      If you wanted to tow something sturdier or larger try looking into tank chair. It is an American made tracked mobile platform whereby wheelchairs can back into it being fully enveloped and safely locked in. This is ideal for hunting, camping, off road adventures, use in snow, on beaches, uneven terrain, and negotiating fallen trees and their limbs, climbing curbs, etc. Everything a power chair or wheelchair could never do.

      • Bob S. Laquer


        One other thing I didn’t mention is the motorcycle trike frame that enables wheelchair users to mount the vehicle while still in their wheelchairs, lock themselves in place, then motor off on the open roads. I don’t know if this solution has towing or sidecar capacity. I’ll wager though that it likely could be manufactured. Another American made vehicle for special needs or disabled persons uses the Hummer platform for curbside ramp access to wheelchair, power chair, crutches. The entire vehicle is mass produced for this population. They wanted to make these affordable because after market conversions are too expensive for so many people.

        A vehicle like that should have towing capacity for a toy hauler/camper with room for your tank chair, motorcycle trike for wheelchairs, and other assorted goodies.

  12. Clare Evans


    Are these caravans road legal??

    Dose the caravan have Rea lights for towing has I can not see any on

    Looks a good idea


  13. Rhonda meloy


    I just found your lil carivan and wondered if it could be retrofitted for my motorscooter( kymco 200).
    The scooter community is really growing in the USA every town seams to have a club. I am a new member but think this would be awesome for the rider for long trips and for your company. There was a video someone shared and it was from the late 50s or early 60s with a lambretta scooter and side car pulling a little camper behind. I’ve been trying to find that company or anyone who builds these nowadays …..do you have any info. Thank you

  14. Daniel


    I am interested in this to be towed by bicycle but id like to live and travel in it so i wandered on cooking vasilitys and washing. Are you designing a lightweight model that can will ha e these facilitys and solar power is good but have you thought of using mini wind turbines on the roof to charge a leasure battery also? And a turbine for the wheels which is also good no wasted energy. Id like to get a peddle charged electric bike also. So you can just keep going until you are tired and need to sleep. Maybe even a way to attatch a pedal bike that can be charged by the wind turbine also for a little extra power. Ive not seen my ideas yet id do them myself but to construct is another level for me. I am an ideas man. Anyway i hope to hear from you

  15. Dave Johnson


    Would it tow behind my Sinclair C5?

  16. Kelly


    Please can you tell me if you have a solution that is suitable for transporting small children/infants? I cannot find anything that is suitable for this. I use an electric mobility scooter and I have two children.

    • Tessa lea antle


      i’m also interested have u found anything for this

  17. wim van son


    kan ik hem ook achter mijn scootmobiel hebben hij ziet mooi uit maar hoe duur is hij en is hij ook in nederland te koop en hoeveel is dat in euro

  18. Martin Roegge


    How do i order one

  19. Ryan


    I need one of these, became homeless after my ex screwed me over for a policeman, staying at friends but would love to have this as a go-between towed by bicycle.

  20. Tony kirk


    Are they sold in Australia and what price may I ask.
    Thank you

  21. Ollie-olov


    How weight is the caravan?

    I would try it on my, Trek Cycle.


  22. Curtis M. Mitchell II


    How much do they go for ?

  23. Sirikorn Nubpunt


    Excuse me! where’s ur store to buy please,let me know? Cheers!

  24. Beau Emmerson


    Hi there!
    Do you think a peel p50 or any other regular vehicle (presumably a car) could tow this fantastic piece of kit? I’d love to know soon!

  25. Jodean smith


    I want to buy one pleasehow to get one

  26. Go man


    Does I buy it to Ukraine

  27. Helena


    Are the QTVans still for sale, I’m in the UK and looking to buy one but can’t find any link to where I could buy one. Thanks

    • The ETA


      I’m afraid we built only one. However, there are other other little bicycle caravans on the market

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