Why aren't political candidates talking about road danger?

June 19, 2024

seriously damaged car following road traffic collision

Politicians like to talk. A lot. So it's always interesting to take note of the topics they resolutely refuse to engage with. Fallout from Brexit is one. Road danger is another.

You can be certain that if as many British soldiers were dying each year as the number of people killed on UK roads, the casualty figures would be front page news ahead of next month's election.

As it is, the 80+ people who are killed or seriously injured on UK roads every day are barely acknowledged by the press , let alone politicians. However, there are notable exceptions.

Jenny Jones is best known as a Green Party politician and current member of the House of Lords, but she's also a powerful advocate for safer roads. As president of the Road Danger Reduction Forum, Jenny Jones this week launched it's manifesto:

“Victims of road crashes – whether those injured or those who have lost loved ones – suffer appallingly, not least with an often overly lenient attitude in the justice system. The only civilised approach to this is to reduce danger at source – from those with the potential to hurt or kill others”, says Baroness Jones.

“Measures to curb road danger have to be part of a transport policy – unlike the one we have had for decades – which is less car dependent, and which supports active and less polluting forms of transport: this can also cut the deaths from inactive lives and vehicle emissions, as well as those from road crashes.”

It’s not right to expect children to wear body armour and high visibility clothing to (supposedly) protect themselves, while adults with a ton of metal around them are permitted to get away with dangerous and unnecessary driving which scares them off the streets.”

You can read the manifesto in full at:


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