Knog Scout Alarm & Finder helps find stolen bikes because the police don't

November 7, 2023

knog scout bicycle tracker|knog scout bike tracker water bottle mount

Without GPS trackers it's almost impossible to recover stolen bicycles; it's why the police give so little priority to the crime. An investigation by a national newspaper last year revealed no suspect is identified or charged in 87 per cent of cases. In other words, cycle thieves in the UK are very likely to get away with it.

Trackers can't replace the need for a good cycle insurance policy, but they're useful bits of kit nevertheless - especially when they include other features. The Knog Scout Bike Alarm and Finder combines an 85db bike alarm with a tracker powered by Apple’s ‘Find My’ app.

Once armed, any movement triggers the motion-sensitive alarm and alerts the owner via a phone notification.

  • Compatible with iOS only
  • Motion-sensitive 85 db audio alarm
  • Mounts to standard water cage braze-ons with anti-tamper screws
  • Arm / disarm using on app
  • Alarm status & battery charge indicator
  • USB-C rechargeable with 6-month battery life
  • Weighs 25 grams

Win a Knog Scout Bike Alarm and Finder

We have a a Knog Scout Bike Alarm and Finder to give away. Leave us a message below and we'll pick a winner next week.

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