The bicycle umbrella – it actually exists

under-cover bicycle umbrella

Like a bicycle, the umbrella is a design of such beautiful simplicity that it no longer needs to evolve, but that doesn’t stop people trying to make improvements.

For more than three millennia people have protected themselves against rain with umbrellas, but it’s only recently that some have suggested they should be adapted for use by cyclists. Following the launch a few years ago of the nubrella – a small umbrella designed to be worn over the head like a space helmet – comes the Under-Cover.

undercover bicycle umbrella

The Under-Cover clamps to the bike’s frame and opens to create an awning beneath which a cyclists can, in theory, remain dry. With a tail wind it probably doubles up as an effective spinnaker. When not in use, the Under-Cover furls up and stores within frame-mounted cover.

The designers of the bicycle umbrella claim that the “Space between the umbrella and the body ensures freedom of movement and prevents excessive sweating, unlike standard rain wear.”

The Under-Cover is available to pre-order at Kickstarter

The Uberhood

The Uberhood is an elongated umbrella that mounts to bicycle handlebars and is intended to protect the rider from sun and rain.

Its makers claim that an aerodynamic shapes means wind resistance is low, but the obvious drawback with such designs is the way they catch the wind from underneath and allow rain to reach the rider from the front.


The Nubrella is worn over the head and claims to protect a cyclist’s head, face and shoulders from rain, wind, snow and extreme cold.

The Nubrella costs £40 and uses a patented shoulder strap to allow it to be used hands-free.

It bears a passing resemblance to the helmet worn by the character Buzz Lightyear in the animated film, Toy Story.

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  1. The next Lance


    There are so many things wrong with this, where do I start?!
    Safety – how easy is it to look behind to see any approaching traffic? In a collision would you really like those long metal spikes so close to you? Will traffic be able to see your hand signals as you approach? Why is it black and not hi-vis with reflective markings?
    Effectiveness – how will it keep you dry when you are stopped at a junction, have a cross wind or have spray from a passing lorry?

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