Turn your bicycle into a cargo bike transformer

trego cargo bike

The latest bike concept to become a reality thanks to crowd funding is TreGo, a modular design that promises to turn any bicycle into a cargo bike.

While it might look like the marriage between the urban bicycle and a porter’s trolley, the TreGo is full of hidden surprises.

TreGo cargo bike

According to its makers, the TReGo has the benefits of a traditional cargo bike, but is smaller, easier to store, multi-functional, more fun to ride and costs less.

trego cargo bike

If you need to carry something heavy or bulky, you simply replace your bike’s front wheel with the TreGo – a process that takes seconds. Alternatively, Trego can be used as a trailer. However, those of you used to the cargo bikes capable of hauling up to 250 kg may be disappointed by a payload of 25 kg which is paltry by comparison.

More information at kickstarter.com

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