Vanmoof launches thief proof electric bicycle

Vanmoof thief-proof bicycle

The bicycle manufacturer Vanmoof claims to have made its latest electric bike thief proof. The Electrified S includes a built-in tracking function that allows the bike to be located should it be stolen. So confident is the Dutch company, that it guarantees to replace a bike that’s been pinched if it cannot be traced within two weeks.

The high-tech features don’t stop there. The Vanmoof Electrified S features a built-in lock that can be disengaged via the rider’s smartphone or even their fingerprint using a scanner on the bike’s frame.

On top of that, the 18.4 kg bike includes integrated lights, anti-theft nuts and two gears that shift automatically. The £2,000 bike will go on sale at the end of this month – initially in Japan.

vanmoof theft-proof electric bicycle

GPS trackers for bicycles to date have delivered mixed results, but e-bikes are the perfect candidate for this function because their batteries provide a substantial reserve of power and they can even be disable remotely if necessary.

GPS tracking vs cycle insurance

There is little doubt that a hidden and reliable GPS tracker can be an extremely effective weapon in the fight against many types of theft. However, even Vanmoof themselves accept that on occasion the tech will fail and they will have to replace the bike themselves.

By comparison, a good cycle insurance policy protects against much more than simply your bike being pinched. Cover from the ETA guards against vandalism and the theft of parts, including quick release components. Furthermore, £5m third party cover safeguards you in the event you cause damage or injury while out on your bike. Add to that Cycle Rescue, accessories and equipment protection and reimbursement for loss of earnings in the event of a crash and you’ll understand why insurance is here to stay for the moment.



  1. Christopher


    I like the idea of a theft proof bike, but insurance would be punitive.

  2. Bob Longhurst


    I suppose it takes all of the worry out of….. will it or won’t it be stolen. The gadget side of it really interests me, even though it looks pretty non-inspiring from the pictures.

  3. Jim Clark


    Ah remember such things as Crooklock and other devices that were supposed to be thief proof. My daughter who was living in London at the time in quite a posh area told me that youths regarded them as a challenge and would break in to a car dismantle the anti theft device and leave the bits on the drivers seat, or maybe it was urban myth. Anyway I hope this bike does better.

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