World’s first gritter bicycle ready for winter

gritter bicycle, gritting bike

Cycling groups around the country this winter have been left disappointed by the failure of their local authorities to grit cycle paths in treacherous icy conditions.

While road gritting machines have been out in force, cycle paths have been neglected on grounds of cost.

In an attempt to keep cyclists moving however cold it gets, cycle insurer The ETA has developed the world’s first pedal-powered gritter.

The Gritter Bike provides an environmentally friendly way to keep cycle paths and lanes passable over the winter; unlike the quad 4×4 vehicles used to perform the task elsewhere in Europe, the ETA’s pedal-powered design produces no emissions or noise. The gritter bicycle is capable of carrying 50 kg of salt and can be fitted with a snowplough if necessary.

A spokesperson for the ETA said: “There is no statutory requirement for councils to grit the cycle network, but bicycles are an increasingly popular way for commuters to travel, so it’s vital that lanes and paths are gritted when temperatures plummet.”

gritting, gritter bicycle,

The gritter bicycle hard at work this week

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  1. Alan Donnelly


    Gravel is bad for 2-wheel stability – to what extent might gritting be counterproductive if the temperature is too high for ice to stop the grit acting as tiny ball bearings?

  2. edmund white


    So why not make it a statutory requirement , in Holland there cleared not just gritted, so why not here?

  3. Mary Fisher


    LOL! Don’t you understand? It’s a JOKE! And very funny too.

  4. Gurnek


    Hi I would like to join the club , can you send some information, please

  5. whobiggs


    A joke? I thought it was rather a good idea. Good for footpaths too!

  6. David


    I recently moved to Germany, where I have a 5 km commute to work, mostly on cycle-paths. The first time it snowed the cycle-paths along my route had all been cleared and salted. Complete contrast to Britain, where snow generally made my commute impossible by bicycle due to the treacherous conditions even on minor roads.

  7. Anne Thomas


    This is exactly what we need. Am I to take it from the above comments that this was all just a joke. If so it was in very bad taste. Due to the lack of something like this we’ve ended up having to have 2 cars. Where’s the prototype? I want one!

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