BIKE MINE: The world’s loudest bicycle alarm

bike mine

If the average D-lock seems too passive a way of protecting against bicycle theft, check out BIKE MINE – the world’s loudest alarm.

When thieves come for your bicycle in the dead of night they have a massive advantage. You are asleep. They have time to prise open sheds and dismantle locks in peace. The answer, according to the makers of BIKE MINE, is to use the world’s loudest alarm.

When tripped by a thief, BIKE MINE detonates a 150 dB blast of sound; more than enough to startle a thief and raise the alarm. It’s an idea that isn’t intended to replace the need for a good insurance policy, but rather a simple, low-tech means of protecting your bicycle when it’s stored on your property.


Only one moving part makes BIKE MINE reliable around the clock

BIKE MINE comprises a length of titanium wire, a spring-loaded trap and a small detonator. Velcro straps allow it to be attached quickly to any type of bicycle and a neoprene rubber coating protects the frame from unwanted scratches. The design has the advantage of being low-tech; there are no batteries to run down and only one moving part, which means reliability around the clock and in all weathers.

Win your own BIKE MINE

We have a BIKE MINE worth £49 to give away. Please leave a comment below and let us know what bike you would use it to protect – we will pick a winner later this month.

Protect your bicycle from £1.85 per month

BIKE MINE might be an innovative approach to tackling theft, but it can’t protect beyond the boundaries of your property. In other words, it can’t replace the need for a good cycle insurance policy. Unlike most insurers, ETA never devalues your bicycle if it’s stolen. It’s just one of the reasons they were voted to be an ethical company like no other by the Good Shopping Guide. Get an instant quote here 


  1. Michael d Smithson


    Awesome bit of kit and hopefully a real deterrent too 🙂

  2. John stables


    Love this – just the ticket to safeguard my bike!

  3. Lewis


    I would protect my amazing Claud Butler bike… best bike I’ve ever had with an unbeatable gearing system <3 – I cannot ever let that get stolen!

  4. philip


    i would use it to of course protect my bike

  5. Keith Graham


    Sounds great (sorry for the pun)

  6. Dick Willis


    If I’d had one of these, I might still have a couple of extra bikes. The alarm I had on them didn’t even wake our cat…

  7. sara garside


    Excellent, that would frighten the so and so’s off !

  8. George


    Protect my tesco eco-stepper while out and about.

  9. Alison


    I would use it to protect my kalkhoff electric bike – bought when I developed an auto-immune condition and could no longer ride an ordinary bike, but didn’t want to rely more on my car.

  10. Les Smith


    What a great idea having had a bike stolen despite having 2 heavey duty locks and chains I know how upsetting it is to have your everyday transport stolen! I would use it on my mountain bike.

  11. rob ward


    bad guys need a shock and this looks just the ticket

  12. mark


    I had one of these on my garage door, looks identical apart from the velcro and rubber bodge to attach it to a bike!
    Thats a blank shotgun cartridge that’s used to make the noize! Don’t think it’s safe to leave that unattended in public?!
    I think if you blinded someone who was crouched down getting touchy feely with your bike, who’d be in court?!

  13. Joe


    If that doesn’t deter burglar bill from nicking my Cube Acid not sure what will!

  14. Andrea Partridge


    I would give it my son to use on his lovely road bike when he cycles to High School.

  15. Gaynor Hives


    Sounds like this would be perfect to take on an upcoming trip to Ecuador, Peru and Argentina! The best deterrent in the world.

  16. Alasdair Dewar


    I’d protect my Cannondale Evo 6, which has had more than attempt to leave my care

  17. James


    I would use it to protect the second hand bike which is my life line to get to work, which I had to buy after my good bike was stolen even though it was well secured to the wall of my house with a Gold rated lock.

  18. Paul Ritter


    The best use for an IED ever! An explosive idea!

  19. Peter Chisnall


    That’s going to please the neighbours. At least the bike will be safe!

  20. James Russell


    It’ll wake the neighbours up when I forgot that I set it the night before!

  21. Peter Clark


    I think my Kona Lanai MTB because the last one I had got stolen and this would prevent a recurrence!

  22. lucy


    must have it to protect my beautiful ktm bike which has kept me going when it all got too hard.

  23. Chris


    Sounds ideal! [deliberate pun]

  24. Lisa Taylor


    Great idea especially as I lock my bike up very early in the morning. I would put it on my Trek Emonda.

  25. Mark B


    Superb. I’d love one.

  26. roger birchall


    It would certainly stop the Mrs from re arranging the garage when im at work!! Ha ha!

  27. James


    Looks a brilliant addition if one had one

  28. Lynne H


    The alarm would just give that extra feeling of security that you have done everything to protect your trusty steed and stop the hot sweats which you can have once you have locked your bike and have left it hoping no-one will interfere with it.

  29. Robert Kowalczyk


    Great.It will protect my Norco I hope.Just add the shouting God is great to the explosion and the thief will run for life for sure.

  30. Louise Munro


    Fantastic…you’d give the thief a heart attack

  31. Charles May


    This offers a lot of bang for your buck! It would have to go on my current bike, a FJR1300.

  32. Barbara


    Excellent idea – would love one!

  33. Raffaello


    i will protect my Giant LX

  34. John Perry


    I would safeguard my full carbon Merida bike

  35. Suzane


    Brilliant! I’d use it to protect my sleeping beauty Giant, I depend on it for commuting so my job is at stake too!

  36. Zoe


    Wow this looks great. Pick me please. I would use it to protect my amaze balls moustache Samedi low step small ebike especially fitted for me to help continue cycling with rheumatic joint disease – bought from Martin at ebikes.

  37. christina


    Bang on

  38. Darren C


    Bang! And the dirt is gone!

  39. David C


    Just the thing for the Guv’nor

  40. Fiona Hunt


    What a great idea! I would love one to protect my T-Rex bike that I use for touring.

  41. Molly D


    LOVE THIS! Perhaps it would have stopped the toe rags stealing my beloved Bianchi.

  42. Paul S


    BANG! Bet the thief will think he’s being shot at lol ,
    Great idea do they do a double barrel one HeHe

  43. Dan


    I would use this to protect my girlfriends bike… Maybe without telling her…
    More seriously it’d protect my Carerra Hellcat.

  44. yitzi


    I study in a sleep away college and I don’t have a lot of money and biking is my only way of getting around . Last night the bike shed in my collage, where everyone keeps their bikes,had a big robbery and all the bikes got stolen besides 3 bikes . Two of them where old and rusted and the other one was mine A good condition giant . The lock ,witch was a master lock , was very damaged but they didn’t manage to get it open . I need to get a new lock but I can’t afford one please help out.

    P.S I saw the bike mine on one of amazons grand tours and I love it!

  45. Paul


    I would use it for my electric trike. Obviously because I cannot fit my trike in the flat. It’s a BANG GOOD IDEA . Every bike, trike,scooter, should come with one of these, it should be mandatory. Best deterrent I have seen to date. A big bang well done.

  46. Shrek


    To protect my shrexy scooooooooooooooter!!!!!

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