The pedal-powered yellow school bus

The three-quarters of British students who travel to school by diesel-powered bus
could soon have a healthy and environmentally-benign alternative way of arriving at lessons; a pedal-powered yellow school bus.

The £10,000 bicycle school bus is steered by an adult driver and powered entirely by its passengers, most of whom pedal.

Bus comes fully loaded

The 11-seat bus travels at a speed of about 10 mph and has an electric motor to help with hills.

Other accessories designed to make the trip to school civilised as well as healthy and fun include a canvas roof and stereo.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “the pedal-powered school bus school could be a powerful way of allaying the fears of parents reluctant to allow their children to cycle to school on the road.”

Designer and builder of the bicycles, Thomas Tolkamp, told website Co.Exist that the pedal-powered bus had originally been commissioned by a child care organisation , but that the design had generated enough interest for him to build a further 23.

Pedal-powered Range Rover

For those parents who insist on continuing to use a 4×4 for the urban school run, how about this pedal-powered version of the latest Range Rover Evoque?

According to car Brazilian website revistaautoesporte the wire frame Range Rover weighs less than 50kg.

Bicycle bling

The zero-emission Ranger Rover continues the trend for pedal-powered gas guzzlers started in 2010 when a team of designers in Germany built a pedal-powered Porsche 911 GT3

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