The electric car that thinks it’s a bicycle

The Tajima Motors EV Mini Sport looks like no other bicycle on the road, but the single-seat, mid-engined electric vehicle is classed as a motorised cycle in Japan because its motor is rated at 0.59kW.

Good handling, modest speed

The EV Mini Sport may look like a racing car but despite impressive handling its top speed is a modest 47mph.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “It’s easy to dismiss the Mini Sport as an impractical and expensive toy, but the design could be developed into a useful commuter vehicle.”

The Tajima Motors EV Mini Sport Expensive toy or future commuter?
Top speed 47mph
(lead battery)
20 miles
(lithium polymer battery)
60 miles
Time to fully charge 8-12 hours
(incl lead battery)
approximately £18,500
(incl lithium polymer battery)
approximately £20,000
The EV Mini Sport in action…

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