Police Investigation of Serious Injury Collisions: Have your say

crashed car on road

The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee wants to hear from anyone with knowledge or experience of serious road traffic collisions. Results of the consultation will help improve the way crashes on London’s roads are investigated.

In 2022, the number of people killed on London’s roads is the lowest year on record, excluding 2020 and 2021 which were affected by pandemic lockdowns.

However, the Mayor’s Vision Zero objective to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 65 per cent by 2022 has not been met. His ultimate goal is to for all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions to be eliminated from London’s streets by 2041.

How to respond

The Committee would like to invite anyone with knowledge or experience of serious injury collisions to submit views and information to the investigation, giving you the opportunity to inform the Committee’s work and influence its recommendations. You don’t have to answer all the following questions – only those most relevant to you or your organisation). Please email your answers by Friday 22 December 2023 to scrutiny@london.gov.uk

  1. Have you been affected by serious injury collisions in London?
  2. What impact have you experienced?
  3. What is your experience of the Met’s investigation of serious injury collisions in London?
  4. In your view, are serious injury collisions in London adequately investigated? Why?
  5. How do the investigations of serious injury collisions affect road crash victims and their families?
  6. What level of support is in place in London for victims of serious injury collisions and their families? What more is needed?
  7. How well does the Met communicate its serious injury collision investigation work, including information to victims concerning the investigation process, timeline and charging decisions?
  8. In your experience, how easy is it to acquire information from the Met when it is necessary for victims’ access to civil compensation following a collision?
  9. What more could the Met be doing to increase confidence in the police investigation and charging decision after a serious injury collision?
  10. In your view, is the Met sufficiently resourced and trained to carry out investigations into serious injury collisions? Why?
  11. How could the Met’s serious injury collision investigation work best contribute to achieving the Mayor’s Vision Zero target of eliminating deaths and serious injuries from London’s roads?

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