Future for motorhomes is electric

electric motorhome RV

Lockdown prompted a surge in sales of motorhomes, but with the death knell sounding for diesel vehicles what future for the pastime?

German firm Dethleffs thinks it has the answer in the shape of the world’s first fully electric motorhome. The outside of the Iveco camper is plastered with  31 square metres of thin-film solar panels capable of generating up to 3,000 watts of electricity.

In order to make the vehicle as efficient as possible, Dethleffs has used so-called ‘phase change materials’ that absorb heat when temperatures rise above 26° C and release it when the temperature drops at night. The heat releasing technology is complemented  by infrared heating panels built into the floor, walls and furniture. These heat up the objects rather than the air around them.

electric motorhome interior

The interior of the electric motorhome has been designed to be as efficient as possible

Even more environmentally friendly is the motorhome that never moves. Sawday’s is a family-run travel business that specialises in environmentally-friendly holidays. It’s Canopy & Stars website specialises in unusual alternatives to conventional camping such as treehouses, yurts, caravans and this charming static motorhome.


This converted 1950s lorry no longer moves, but is an enchanting place to stay for the night

ETA: An ethical company like no other

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