The e-bike you never have to recharge


A new e-bike claims to provide a boost to your cycling when you need it, without having to be recharged from the wall.

A marriage of Italian design and Swiss engineering has given birth to the Velocipede Fogliaverde – a classically styled e-bike inspired by the elegant, high quality cult bicycles of yesteryear.


E-bike style

The Velocipede Fogliaverde is a classic double-butted steel frame. Fully lugged steel frame made of double butted and high-quality Italian Columbus tubes that are brazed by hand. The clean lines of the single-speed design are preserved by rear hub with an integrated battery, sensors and electronics.

e-bike hub motor

In compliance with European law, the 250W motor can deliver an unassisted speed of 15.5 mph, but seven modes allow you to choose exactly how and when your riding gets an electric-powered boost. For example, one option automatically provides assistance when needed and recharges using regenerative braking. When set to this hybrid mode, the bike does not need to be recharged.

| “I have not recharged the system in 3 months”

Designer of the Fogliaverde, Peter Grünblatt, explained to us that the question of range is not altogether simple to answer: “The System has 7 different modes to choose from. Mode 1 offers no motorised support. Modes 2 – 6: range between 30 km and 80 km depending on the level of assistance chosen. In Mode 7, the system only offers support when torque and slope sensors recognize that you need power. When travelling downhill, or if you ride above 25 km/h, the system recuperates energy. Depending on the topography, you never have to plug it in. For example, I use the bike from home to the train station every day. That’s a distance of approximately 4 km with around 200m in altitude difference. Going downhill in the morning, the system gains energy, in the evening it supports me getting up the hill. I have not recharged the system in 3 months.”

A more conventional topping up of the 160Wh lithium-ion battery, via a wall socket, takes two hours.

The Velocipede Fogliaverde is available for pre-order at a cost of around £2,500.

E-bike insurance

ETA Cycle Insurance covers road-legal electric bicycles, e-bikes and pedelecs as standard.

If your e-bike weighs less than 60 kg, and its output does not exceed 250 W/15.5 mph, it can be covered under our cycle insurance at no additional cost. Every ETA cycle insurance policy includes the following as standard:

  • Theft, accidental damage & vandalism
  • Battery theft cover
  • Cycle Rescue (breakdown cover for your electric bicycle and you)
  • No devaluation of your bike over time
  • £5m third party PLUS £20,000 personal accident cover
  • Shed and garage storage
  • Low standard excess of 5% (£25 minimum)
  • 90 days’ worldwide travel cover
  • Any rider covered to use your bike

Read a full list of what is covered here

Up to 250W covered

When you compare cycle insurance for your e-bike, it is vitally important to check the small print. Almost every single pedelec or electric bicycle sold and in use in Britain today is rated at 250 W. However, some cycle insurers do not cover bikes over 200 W. Cycle insurance from the ETA extends its definition of a cycle to include any mechanically or electronically-assisted bicycle weighing less than 60 kg and with an output not exceeding 250 W /15.5 mph.

Battery theft

If the battery for your e-bike is secured with a key (as most are), or requires any type of tool to remove, then it is covered against theft by our cycle insurance policy. Get a quote

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