Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car to be re-launched

A new and improved version of the Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell urban car will mark a radical evolution from the ground-breaking technology demonstrator the company unveiled in 2009.

The new vehicle will share none of the components used in its predecessor, but will once again forsake a conventional engine in favour of a fuel cell stack, a device that uses an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity to power a motor.

These so-called fuel cell vehicles can travel longer distances than electric vehicles that need to be re-charged directly from a mains supply. The Riversimple Urban Car has a top speed of 50mph and a 240-mile range.

Riversimple founder Hugo Spowers plans to transform the way we use our cars by replacing outright ownership with a system similar to a mobile phone contract.

How is the Riversimple different?

Riversimple is not the first company to offer a hydrogen car, but its designs are ‘open source’ which means they are freely available to other car makers to use and build upon. The designers hope to encourage an environmentally-sustainable alternative to conventional car manufacturing, which sees cars bought, driven into the ground and junked

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