The tent you can wear while cycling

This new design of poncho/tent hybrid may look eccentric, but it is aimed at the many walkers and cycle campers who need waterproof clothing and a tent, but have to keep to a minimum the weight and volume of equipment they carry.

Hikers and cyclists already have a choice of tents that use a bicycle as their means of support, lightweight pop-up designs and waterproof sleeping bags, but the poncho is the first tent that can be worn as an item of clothing.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “The way we travel and the efficiency of our homes have a massive impact on our carbon footprint so this ‘wearable tent’ is not only a useful bit of camping kit, but possibly the most environmentally-benign piece of clothing ever invented.

Revival of 1950’s holiday habits

The recession appears to be re-shaping the way we take holidays, with money worries forcing one third of people to holiday nearer to home and one in ten to give up their annual break altogether, according to research carried out by the ETA.

Trips abroad are being replaced by holidays in Britain and a revival of old-fashioned pursuits; camping and cycle touring organisations are reporting record memberships.

Most people who enjoyed cycling and camping trips in the 1950s could not afford to fly – as with many of today’s recession-hit holidaymakers, they were eco travellers by accident rather than design.

The green travel insurance offered by the ETA is a comprehensive policy, profits from which help promote sustainable transport.

Cycle insurance

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