Cold weather cycling: handlebar muffs vs heated gloves

Motorcycle couriers who brave the roads come wind or shine have long used handlebar muffs, but they are not readily available for cyclists – the designers of the BarBra are hoping to change that.

The BarBra is a waterproof nylon wind guard that attaches to the handlebar stem to shield the rider’s hands from cold air and rain.

Yannick Read from the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “Riding a bike wearing thick gloves can feel like driving in heavy boots – handlebar muffs might not win points for style but they allow you to wear thinner gloves and retain good feedback from the brake levers.”

The Barbra costs less than £30 (including postage from Canada) from the Barbra website.

Heated gloves for cycling

The clocks go forward later this month but it still feels like mid-winter on a bike in the mornings. If you can’t see yourself using a BarBra, battery-powered, self-heating gloves cost from £12.99. They are designed with motorcyclists in mind and might be too thick for some, but it might be a price worth paying for toasty fingers on a winter’s morning.

Cycle insurance with breakdown cover thrown in

Cycle insurance from the ETA includes new-for-old, third party insurance (in the case of an accident you may need to seek compensation or even deal with a claim by someone else), personal accident cover and if you suffer a mechanical breakdown, they will come out and recover you and your bike.

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