DIY cycling jackets that flash with light

A designer has used off-the-shelf electronics to create a cycling jacket with built-in indicator lights that are operated by a switch on each cuff.

The indicators work in exactly the same way as they do on a car by flashing individually or together.

The lighting system does not make the jacket cumbersome to wear as the components are lightweight, almost flat and connected by conductive thread rather than wires.

Leah Buechley designed the Turn Signal Bike Jacket while teaching an ‘e-textiles’ project at Shih Chien University in Taiwan.

Yannick Read at the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “Leah Buechley’s design would brighten up even the dampest February ride home – it shows that cycle clothing and lighting can be imaginative and fun.”

DIY flashing cycle wear

|_. Don’t wait for this idea to hit the shops… |_. Do it yourself|
|* Anyone can make themselves a similar flashing jacket, gloves, bag or hat – no experience of electronics is necessary. The LilyPad Arduino is a range of electronic components designed to be sewed into fabric and easy to use.

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