Bicycle sat nav that projects directions onto road surface

The latest designs of torch that project GPS mapping information onto any surface pave the way for bicycle-mounted sat navs that project route details onto the road ahead.

The TamTam Flash concept GPS torch has been designed with pedestrians in mind. It allows its user the option of projecting either a street map view or turn-by-turn instructions.

Idea could be adapted for bicycles

There is nothing new about the idea of bicycle satnavs – the technology is as potentially useful for cyclists as it is for motorists.

In a version of the TamTam for cyclists, the light source would need to be upgraded to use laser light rather than LED bulbs, but the basic concept would remain the same.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association said: “For those cyclists in the market for a sat nav, it’s much easier and safer for them to be looking at the road ahead than a handlebar-mounted screen.”

Satnav projectors

|_. Future sat navs for cyclists |_. Bicycle lights that give you directions |
|* Sat nav information projected onto the road surface by laser light could be a useful navigational aid for cyclists

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