Pimp your ride: Coloured neon lights for bicycles

New technology is fuelling a cycle lights arms race; the most powerful of the latest crop of LED, Xenon strobe and high-intensity discharge (HID) bicycle lights are rated at over 2000 lumens – by comparison, the typical halogen car headlamp produces around 1000 to 1500 lumens.

However, despite the ever-increasing power of cycle lights, they illuminate only the road ahead.

Research from America suggests that the majority of collisions involving cyclists that occur at night happen when a rider is struck from the side.

Neon lights for bikes

A company has developed a neon strip lighting system for bicycles that can be positioned to provide all-round illumination.

The Down Low Glow lights come in a variety of colours and are similar to the kits fitted occasionally fitted to cars, but feature shatterproof thermoplastic tubes for safety and rechargeable batteries for power.

A spokesperson from the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “Flashing lights help cyclists stand out, but these neon lights help make sure you seen from all angles – they are great fun, too.”

Kits start at around £82 and can be ordered directly form the manufacturer in America via Rock the bike

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