Flying bicycles – an end to potholes and aggressive drivers

A cycle lane that takes a direct route and is never blocked by parked cars or rendered impassable by rubbish or broken glass may be no more than a dream for many British cyclists, but a radical new design by architect, Martin Angelov, is far more ambitious.

Kolelinia – a contraction of the Bulgarian words for ‘bike and ‘line’ – is a design that allows cyclists with nerves of steel to soar up to 4.5 metres above motorised traffic and potholes by taking to a network of wires.

The bicycle travels in a cupped track and is temporarily attached via its handlebar to a steel wire for stability. The cyclsit dons a safety harness and then pedals as normal.

The ‘high-adrenaline’ cycle lane

Kolelinia is designed to separate cyclists and motorised traffic in areas where they intersect and to generate additional space where there is no room for traditional cycle lanes. It is likely that its first application will be at a tourist site where it will be marketed as a ‘high adrenaline’ experience.

A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “Kolelinia captures the imagination of any cyclist who has experienced the circuitous, obstructed and poorly-maintained facilities that often pass for cycle lanes.”

The idea has already won an international architectural competition. For a more detailed description of the idea visit the Kolelinia website

Protect your bicycle from thieves (and potholes)

Cycle insurance from the ETA is fully comprehensive. As well as covering against theft and vandalism, the policy allows you to claim for accidental damage such as that caused by a pothole. It also includes third party insurance, personal accident cover and if you breakdown, they will come out and recover you and your bike.

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