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Promoting sustainable transport for people and planet

Stop Killing Our Children

Our documentary that seeks to challenge the collective apathy towards road danger.

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Pop-up Zebra

Our children are being denied the safe crossings they deserve

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Southern CrossRail

This simple idea will make life easier for millions

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Welcome to the ETA Trust

We believe it is of great importance to respect the world we live in. We want to make cleaner, safer and calmer streets for everybody to enjoy and with small adaptations to our daily life, we can easily achieve this goal.

We understand that transport plays a huge part in each and every one of our lives. Whether we are going on holiday, going to work or seeing friends and family, we need a way to get from A to B. However should this be at the expense of our environment?  We believe not. This is why we work to encourage people to find greener ways to commute to work and inspire people to get back on bikes. Some of our other projects include campaigning for zebra crossings outside schools and 20 mph speed limits in residential areas to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk to school for children.

We see a future world in which travelling means seeing and enjoying the world around you; feeling safe when leaving the house; and celebrating what’s on our own doorstep. We think this world looks pretty good, and we’d like you to join us on the journey in getting there.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email us.