Mobility Scooter Breakdown Cover FAQs

Man in silhouette on mobility scooter

What kinds of breakdown are covered?

We offer a comprehensive rescue service should your mobility scooter break down through mechanical failure, road traffic accident, criminal damage or other unforeseen event  which renders the vehicle immobilised or unsafe to operate.

What if the battery goes flat when I am out and about?

Our team will come to your aid, anywhere in Britain, should your vehicle become immobilised. With our Mobility Scooter breakdown service you need never worry about being stranded due to faulty or flat batteries ever again.

Will you be able to repair my mobility scooter?

No, we do not carry out repairs, the policy is primarily a rescue service designed to get you and your scooter or power chair to a place of safety. However, our breakdown team will be happy to transport you and your scooter to a suitable repairs outlet, or alternatively to your home or holiday home, within a 25 mile radius (in Britain). If you cannot access the recovery vehicle, we will arrange a private taxi to transport you home.

Would you cover me for a call-out if I’ve had an accident in my vehicle?

We are happy to provide assistance after an accident but if your mobility vehicle has existing insurance, you may need to inform your insurers of an accident first because this service may be included in your existing policy as standard. If your vehicle’s insurers are not informed in the first instance, this may affect your vehicle insurance claim if made at a later date. If you can, keep your vehicle insurer’s claim number on your person whilst out and about.

How should I get in touch in case of breakdown?

Simply dial 01206 785 993 from any UK mobile or landline. Be sure to keep this number handy when out and about. An SMS text messaging service is also available: simply text us on 07537 404 890.

Do I need my ETA number when I break down?

Don’t worry if you have broken down and are unsure of your ETA number. Our recovery team can identify you if you give us your full name and post code.

How long can I expect to wait for breakdown assistance?

The average response time to any road in Britain is 39 minutes, our recovery operators strive to get to call-outs in the quickest possible time.

For full details of cover, please refer to our policy wording.