Road Clock calculations

How are the Road Clock counter statistics calculated?

How many cars, vans and motorcycles break down each day?

Based on the driving history of 800,000 current customers, car breakdown provider ETA calculated the areas in Britain where the most breakdowns occur. Get an instant quote for car, motorcycle or van breakdown cover.

How much car crime?

According to official police-recorded figures for car crime – which include stolen vehicles as well as thefts from cars and vans – stood at 456,000 in 2010.

How many bicycles get stolen?

The British crime survey, which examines people’s experience of crime rather than recorded offences, estimates that 533,000 are stolen bikes each year in Britain. Get an instant quote for cycle insurance

How much CO2 from road transport?

The government issues a fact sheet looking at British greenhouse gas (GHG) from road transport. Road transport accounts for the majority of GHG emissions from transport and around a fifth of all British greenhouse gas emissions. Road transport greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increased to 113.6 MtCO2e in 2009, which equates to 334,794,000kg per day.

How many car tyres are replaced each day?

According to the tyre industry federation, 32 million tyres are replaced each year in Britain. This figure does not include re-moulds. Vehicle tyres replaced each day: 87,671

How many miles driven in Britain?

Department for transport traffic statistics provide estimates of the vehicle miles travelled each year in Great Britain, by vehicle type, road category and region. Cars: 659,452,054

How much petrol and diesel used every day?

According to an article on energy trends published by the Department for Energy and Climate Change, 35.4m tons of fuel is consumed each year by vehicles on British roads. 1 metric ton = 1000 kg. 1000 kg / 0.850 kg/L = 1176.47 litres. Petrol & diesel consumed per day: 114,090,364 litres

How much fuel duty collected?

Based on daily national fuel consumption (see above), an average price of petrol and diesel in January 2013 of £1.40 per litre and fuel duty and VAT of 59 per cent (petrol 60%, diesel 58%) the daily revenue in fuel duty is estimated to be £94.24m, which equates to £1,090 per second.