Will there be a change in the law for tandem mobility scooters?

July 9, 2024

two older people riding a tandem mobility scooter on a footpath in the UK

One reason tandem mobility scooters are illegal on UK footpaths and roads is the absence of a minister for older people.

Back in 2012, a cross-party group of backbenchers argued that politicians overlook elderly members of society. They urged the Conservative government to create a minister for older people, stating that policymakers often focus on the fit, able-bodied, internet-savvy, and average user.

Unfortunately, their recommendation led to no action—not even the appointment of an older person's 'tsar'. If you have a long memory, you might recall that under the last Labour government, Dame Joan Bakewell served in this role.

Age UK is campaigning to establish an Older People’s Commissioner in England, joining the existing ones in Wales and Northern Ireland.

A potential lifeline for older people

Tandem mobility scooters can be incredibly useful for older couples, especially when one person can no longer operate a scooter independently. Despite this, the government has no plans to amend legislation to make them lawful.

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