Datatag UV etching for bicycles: A headache for thieves

Stealing a bicycle is pretty much the perfect crime; most are easy to pinch, difficult to trace and a breeze to sell on. Datatag UV etching for bicycles can’t prevent cycle crime, but it does a good job of creating a headache for thieves.

Riding a motorbike in winter: 8 top tips

Riding a motorbike in winter is a perfect way to avoid congestion and crowded public transport and if you can master the smooth riding style that slippery roads demand, you’ll be honing your skills too.

Would you pass the driving theory test today?

When the driving licence was launched in 1903, it cost all of 5 shillings (25p) and car tax would set you back 20 shillings (£1) a year. Much has changed since then, including the introduction in 1996 of separate driving theory test.

Strict liability to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Strict liability to protect cyclists and pedestrians is commonplace across Europe. However, alongside Romania, Cyprus, Malta and Ireland, Britain is one of only five European countries with no form of strict liability in place to safeguard vulnerable road users.

Tesla Model X – why would you buy a Range Rover?

At £85,000, The Tesla Model X all-electric seven-seater is out of reach for most drivers, but for those in the market for a luxury SUV, the car offers a cleaner, faster and safer alternative to alternatives such as the Audi Q7 or Range Rover.

Carless utopia – Paris sans Voiture

The popularity of Car Free Day might have waned in Britain over recent years, but Paris this weekend showed the world how it should be done by banning cars from its centre. Carless utopia for one day A cynic might argue that the car free day is little more than PR ahead of a United Nations climate change conference being…

Roadside mobile phone detector targets drivers

A new generation of roadside mobile phone detector that targets drivers using hand-held devices behind the wheel is to be trialled in Sussex. Funded by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, the pioneering equipment will be able to detect the use of mobile phones within vehicles whenever they drive past the sign.

Bus stop bypass misses the point

A design of bus stop bypass is getting a mixed reception. Whitechapel High Street is the first busy street in London on which bicycles are diverted around the back of newly installed bus stops. Cyclists pass between the pavement and those getting on and off the bus.

Forget VW diesels, the future belongs to the BMW i3

As the world was rocked by the news this week that VW had designed its diesel cars to cheat emissions testing, we took the opportunity to test the BMW i3 – the latest in electric car technology. Much is written about electric cars and they are often dismissed as little more than novelty vehicles; exotic runabouts for the wealthy, toys for early adopters or badges of honour for the environmentally devout.