Why Offset?


A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide made in order to compensate for an emission made elsewhere.

Leading our lives and running our businesses requires energy – which at present usually means using fossil fuels in some way. When fossil fuels are burnt carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere faster than they are currently reabsorbed, causing a build-up of those gases in the atmosphere.  There is a clear consensus within the scientific community that this build up is a significant cause of the changes to our climate and is a key source of risk to our security, prosperity and survival.

Tackling the problem means reducing our emissions – something we strive for as a business.  There are many ways to do this, including changing to renewable energy sources, reducing our use of energy in everyday activities and changing our behaviour. But even after taking all possible steps, most of us will still be causing carbon emissions well above the level required to sustain a stable climate – in many cases many times over that level.  Doing something about those residual impacts is what offsetting is all about.

Carbon-reducing projects have social, as well as environmental benefits

Carbon-reducing projects have social, as well as environmental benefits

Offsetting your carbon emissions means working out what your emissions are, and then financially supporting a project that reduces an equivalent amount of emissions. That reduction could be done in many different ways ranging from renewable energy investments such as solar and hydro power; to replacing old dirty technology – such as coal fired power stations or inefficient stoves; to investing in energy efficiency measures such as insulation.

Where does your money go?

Our Climate Impact Partners deliver carbon emission reductions and also make sure that the projects we support improve people’s lives as well as protecting the environment.

Our partners have extensive experience in project development and a broad portfolio of projects, such as the award-winning Carbon for Water project which delivers safe water to 4.5 million people in rural Kenya and cuts carbon emissions, helping to fight climate change.

Your support will solely go to carefully selected Gold Standard projects, which include:

The LifeStraw Carbon for Water project
This project provides communities in Kenya with simple, gravity fed water filters, removing the need to boil water in order to make it safe to drink.

The Gyapa Cookstoves project
This project has cut more than 1 million tonnes of carbon and saved households more than $35 million in fuel costs, by supporting the local manufacture and distribution of clean cookstoves.

What to do next?

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