HS2 – The link to the capital will be the making of Birmingham

Should be we build a high speed railway from London to Birmingham? Many say no and many say yes.

I say that it depends on a number of considerations. Is it part of a nationwide plan? Who is going to pay for it? Do we really need to save a few minutes on a journey? What’s the carbon footprint?

Before HS1 was built, the typical journey from Birmingham to the capital took over ten hours by train, six hours by car and three hours by plane.

Once HS1 and HS2 are complete the journey from Birmingham to Brussels would take under four hours by train, six hours by car and four hours by plane.

So the journey will have been shortened from ten to four hours – that is a serious improvement – and faster than flying.

Make sure the trains go straight through London.

I think the time saving is worth having in this instance.