Kitnetik – dry and store your cycling gear all in one

kitnetik cycling clothes dryer

The two most common questions in Tim Hoyle’s house used to be “have you seen my [enter cycling-related item of your choice here]?” and “Can you please put away your [enter cycling-related item of your choice here]?”

It’s the reason he invented the Kitnetik, a clever magnetic rack that allows you to dry your running or cycling kit, including rain-soaked shoes. Powerful magnets make attaching and detaching from steel radiators quick and easy. The result is a neater house whilst drying kit, quicker to store it all away, and it’s all kept together so you shouldn’t lose the bits you currently need.

kitnetik cycling clothes rack

Washed kit is hung on the Kitnetik to dry, once dry it’s stored away together as one. So when you need it again, all current kit is still together ready to go. Get up get out, no swearing required!

The Kitnetik is on sale at

Win yourself a Kitnetik

We have a Kitnetik worth £40 to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Mark


    My wife would love for me to win one of these and get tidier!

  2. Gillian


    Useful for drying my commuting kit in the office

    • Debbie


      Looks very handy for the whole family

  3. Gavin Wright



  4. Donald Waters


    What an incredibly good idea! Scottish rain would be no match for the kitnetik!

  5. Richard


    Neat, are there any colours other than T-Ford black?

  6. Margaret


    Very useful in the current climate. Could also be good for drying a few other small items.

    • Deadmanjones


      Looks like it’ll be good for over shoes, which sit in the floor and rot frankly

  7. sue


    I need one of these

  8. Olly


    Me and my radiator could become quite attached to this

  9. John Morgan


    My wife would sure like you to give me one of these, and get all of my smelly kit out of her way…

  10. Jill


    Wow, how useful is that, love it?

    • Johnny


      Could do with several of those but one would be a great start

  11. Bryn Gwyndaf Jones


    How brilliant!

  12. Peter


    Trying to work out if Kitnetic is a pun. Kit I get but kinetic – it’s stationary?

    Anyone, I’d very much like one please!

  13. adrian price


    i live in greater manchester where it rains pretty much 365 days a year–so this prize would be perfect for me

    • Sam Russell


      Interesting concept, would love to try this. Definitely come in handy with all my wet clothes.

  14. Doug M


    Great idea! Ideal for running kit as well as cycling gear.

  15. Graham Clark


    Win for me… and for my work colleagues 🙂

  16. Sam Russell


    Interesting concept would love to have this, wet clothes are the worst and this looks like it’s a space saver so it’s ideal.

    • Clive Jones


      I am definitely attracted to this great bit of kit.

  17. Kath


    That is so clever (and very useful too)

  18. Mike


    That looks like the perfect piece of kit to stop me draping my soaking wet gear over the storage heaters at work. Apparently it’s not safe to do that 😬

  19. Mark B


    Yes please. What a great gizmo!

  20. Colin


    what a great idea!

  21. Clive P


    Would bring order to my cycling clothes chaos.

  22. Greg Stoner


    Magnetic attraction

  23. James


    What a cracker of a prize!

  24. Chris Bromwich


    Looks so useful although the wife may not agree with the look of the room but by morning it can all be put away. Everyone happy 🙂

  25. Vincent


    The Wife says no. I say yes, yes, yes.

  26. Dan


    Please Santa
    I’ve been a good boy all year!?

  27. Graham Corfield


    Rad !!

  28. Martin Broomfield


    I’d love a stationary kinetic!

  29. John V


    Very clever

  30. Les Gunbie


    Wowsers for ma trowsers!

  31. Stephen


    I’d love to give one of these a test hang.

  32. Craig


    Vey nice tool to spread out damp washing on a small radiator to dry. Very useful!

  33. Jonathan Williams


    Wow what a handy tool. This would come in very handy during winter months and those wet summer days!

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