Flashy breakdown protection this summer

road flare for car breakdown

If you’re unlucky to breakdown this summer, common sense dictates you switch on your vehicle’s hazard lights before getting yourself and your passengers to a place of safety while you wait for recovery. LED road flares offer an additional way of minimising the risk of your vehicle being struck by an inattentive driver.

At just 10cm in diameter and 3.5cm high, the Emergency LED Flares are small enough to keep in your driver’s door. In fact, they’re so small and light, you can carry them while cycling or hiking. The flare emits a full 360° of ultra-bright light that it is claimed can be seen up to 10 miles away.

road flares for car breakdown

The emergency flare is shock, vibration, and water-resistant and it can be used in three ways. Placing it on the ground allows the flare to work like a lighthouse illuminating the surrounding road surface. Alternatively, its magnetic base allows it to be stuck to any metallic surface such as your car’s bodywork. Finally, a hook allows it to be suspended if need be.

Win a set of road flares

We have a set of three road flares to give away. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll pick a winner next week.

Environmentally friendly breakdown cover

Not all breakdown companies are the same. Established over 30 years ago, and with over 5,000 recovery trucks on call 24/7, we have a proven track record of providing efficient, reliable breakdown cover. We’re judged by the Good Shopping Guide to be Britain’s most ethical provider.

We handpick only the best local mechanics and garages around Britain to send out if you break down. We believe this way of working is efficient, environmentally friendly and helps supports local communities and economies, too.

On top of this, we offset the carbon emissions of the recovery trucks that go out to assist you, reducing the impact your breakdown has on our environment.


  1. Darren C


    Yes please to one of those! One question, why do you need to be visible up to 10 miles away?

  2. Craig


    I can think of loads of uses for these! Very nice.

  3. Al Napp


    Flares are coming back

  4. paul seymour


    HOw long before we see these being used on US crime shows?

  5. Pamela


    Hope i never have to use them.

  6. Toby James


    Genius idea

  7. Chris Johnson


    Could be very useful for such as a breakdown beyond a bend or hillbrow.

  8. T Gethin


    These look ideal, small enough to be easily stored even in our small car and on my bike, but bright enough to keep us safe when the inevitable happens with either/both the aged motor or a bike puncture!

  9. Kevin Griffiths


    Perfect size for carrying on my motorbike in case of emergencies

  10. Steve K


    Better to avoid the breakdowns – day or night – but this could be very handy!

  11. R King


    Excellent safety device for all road users!

  12. Peter Chisnall



  13. colin hook


    A brilliant idea; useful for all types of road transport.

  14. Malcolm


    Oh light of my life come home to me😘🚨🚨

  15. Doug M


    These look like essential equipment – even more important than hazard triangles.

  16. Steve Green


    Brilliant idea! Especially with the proliferation of ‘smart’ motorways.

  17. Steve


    I knew if I stuck with them, flares would make a comeback!

  18. John Morgan


    These look great

  19. David


    These look fantastic!

  20. Ruediger


    Sounds awesome to have but one hopes to never have to use it

  21. Anita Brayford


    The number of collisions after a vehicle has been stranded is shocking. These flares seem to offer a real safety advantage in case of accident or brakdown.

  22. Gillian


    I’d feel reassured carrying these with me in the dark.

  23. Mike Croker


    Very flashy 🙂

  24. Raf


    Ideal for staycation road-trips!

  25. Fergus Duncanson


    What a fine idea. I would really fancy one of these.

  26. Chris Wrigley


    Great idea

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