A cheap, reliable classic VW camper…and other post-lockdown daydreams

As many daydream of of post-lockdown travels, we thought this might help. It’s a clever decorative design using three individual layers of precision laser cut wood to create a three-dimensional A4 blueprint image of the classic VW T2 Camper Van. If you’d like to win it, simply leave a comment at the bottom of the page and let us know where you would like to travel once the lockdown ends. We’ll draw a winner next week.

If you dream of owning a classic VW camper, but fear the nightmare of high retail prices and frequent repair costs, how about a Dub Box – a small fibreglass caravan with the same vintage looks as the iconic Volkswagen.

dub box VW camper caravan trailer

The smallest version of this pretty caravan, and arguably the best suited to narrow British streets, is called Dinky Dub. It shares the retro styling of its bigger brother, but a basic floor plan and modular interior design keeps the entry-level price down.

Dub Box was the brainchild of Herefordshire couple, Matt and Becky Clay, who wanted a comfortable way of taking their three children and the family dog on camping trips. They set out for the Dub Box to encapsulate the chic styling of classic campers and provide an alternative to the traditional white caravan. See the dub box website for more details.

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  1. Peter Ramsbottom


    I would go to my brothers and present this to him as a gift.! Ever since his VW Campervan caught fire (and was written off as a consequence) on the way back from its first MOT Test, I have bought him VW Campervan related gifts to encourage him to get another and go travelling….

  2. Peter Ramsbottom


    I would go to my brother’s and present this to him as a gift.! Ever since his VW Campervan caught fire (and was written off as a consequence) on the way back from its first MOT Test, I have bought him VW Campervan related gifts to encourage him to get another and go travelling….

  3. Bryn Gwyndaf Jones


    What a brilliant & lovely idea!

  4. Glynis Brewer


    I want to go round the whole of the UK coast. Then I’m going to head for Europe. And I’m going to spend a long long time doing it 😊.

  5. Graham Corfield


    Wow, the model is great, would love one of them.
    Regarding travel, I will be heading up to the west coast of Scotland in my campervan as soon as we are allowed, armed with my bike and my cameras. Cant wait.

  6. Liz MacGregor


    We would plan to visit the most remote corners of each of the UK’s National Parks, starting with my nearest, the South Downs. We would then travel west before making my way up the western half of the UK, returning down the east coast. This would be a long dreamed of trip as my husband retires this year.

  7. Peter Clark


    Quite fancy a bit of Dubai sun on my bones – maybe not in a camper van

  8. Philip Benson


    A lovely reminder of a classic campervan. We are hoping to get to Scotland.

  9. Gavin


    I’d like to remind myself of the great cycle rides I had in Brittany (St. Malo – Dinan – Combourg (lunch of galettes – with calvados) – Mont St. Michel (just over the border in Normandy) and back to St. Malo for dinner…. if I start the process of applying and checking and double checking all the forms and paperwork now – I might get there by the Autumn!

  10. Les


    I’d like to visit Hunstanton beach again – where we once found two four leaf clovers, just before our twins were born!

  11. Stephen D.


    After self isolating and working from home since March, once this pandemic ends I’d like to travel anywhere beyond my village. Just seeing friends an hour away from home sounds like a treat.

  12. Paul


    I have fond memories of a holiday in North Wales in a VW type 2 in the early 1970s – if only we had kept that van! We also had a Texas Yellow type 1 for a few years untli us three boys grew too big to sit in the back! Would love to travel back to North Wales once it is safe to do so, would be even better if we could travel in a new electric VW camper!

  13. Gillian


    I’m going to do a tour of all my friends and do all the many things which I have been unable to do this past year, such as going to the beach!

  14. Sarah


    Initially, we would like to travel around Great Britain showing them to see and experience the wonders of our nations including nature, architecture, scientific and historical.

  15. Craig Young


    I’m going to Zurich to visit my son. It’s been a while, but hopefully the end is in sight.

    This lovely wall decoration would brighten my flat while I wait…..

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