Scrapheap challenge: Wheelie bin bike trailer

wheelie bin bicycle trailer

We love cargo bikes, but they’re expensive and can be tricky to store if you’re short on space. A couple of years ago we set ourselves a challenge to boost a conventional bicycle’s carry capacity to 240 litres on a budget of £50 (and make sure it remained easy to store). For reference, the cheapest 20-litre pannier we could find online was £22.50.

With our £50 we bought a new 240-litre wheelie bin for £37, a length of 22 mm copper pipe for £11, a pipe fitting and a handful of nuts and bolts. The only tools required are a hacksaw and a drill. Watch our short film to see how we did it.

The result is a 240-litre bike trailer that is cheap to build and easy to store – when you are back home after shopping or the school run, simply park the wheelie bin trailer next to your real bins.

Adding a couple of cushions makes it possible to carry a passenger and there is still space for over 100 litres of storage.

We’re not suggesting the wheelie bin is a serious alternative to as properly engineered trailer but we had a lot of fun building it. If you have any DIY bike trailer stories you’d like to share please post them below.

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